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VLOG—A Minute with Steven

Stop Blaming Your Parents!

Your martial arts teacher is considered your father. Obviously, you already have a biological father; but your Shifu (in Chinese arts) or Sensei (in Japanese) serve as a father figure for your training. You give him the respect and honor he deserves, and strive to make yourself worthy of his tutelage.

Unfortunately, many adults still have unresolved issues with their parents. They have not gotten over anger and bitterness at their father. These feelings could be considered part of the growing up process; however, if they are not controlled, they will keep you from forming productive relationships with not only martial arts teachers, but also bosses, school teachers, and other people in the world under whom you have to work and learn.

Men and women who have achieved world class success in business and finance have pretty much resolved their father issues. They have been able to form good relationships with mentors. Not only that: they serve as mentors for other people who have attained the maturity needed to become coachable.

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