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What’s Your Reference Point?

In my martial arts training, we develop a Reference Point. It’s the state of mind you need to attain to be most effective in combat. You are deeply relaxed in mind and body. Your senses are attuned to your environment. You are aware, and ready.

In my practice, this state of mind is achieved through persistent meditation. The challenge is achieving it when you are out of the meditation chair, and in a combat situation. When you get all tense and anxious, you need to remember that state of relaxation you had when you were meditating, and adopt it in the present situation. That relaxed state of mind is your Reference Point. It helps you deal with the stress and strain of combat smoothly and efficiently.

This kind of Reference Point is vital in the world of business and finance. Money problems can always be stressful. If you have a relaxation Reference Point, then you can solve these problems efficiently and effectively. If you don’t, then they can quickly spiral out of control.

The meditation I do in my kung fu practice is the way I develop my Reference Point. I’m sure there are other disciplines that offer the same benefit. Find one that works for you, and commit to it. It will help you tremendously deal with all of life’s problems!

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