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- Full disclosure, per life insurance advertising statutes in some states.

As I was considering replacing insurance, I contacted several insurance companies, and no one was able to get anywhere near the prequalified rate that the Kobrin firm was able to secure.

The prequalification process is uniquely helpful, because as long as you're honest upfront, you know in advance the likely outcome and likely rate. This takes the chance of disappointment and anxiety out of the equation.

This is definitely the way to go, and I recommend it unqualifiedly. The level of service here is head and shoulders above anything else I have encountered.

Dr. Stephen C.

This was my second life insurance policy that I purchased through Steve and, consistent with my first experience, it couldn't have been easier.

After meeting with Steve by phone to answer some preliminary and administrative questions, Steve took care of the rest.

I didn't even need to use my own stamps when mailing things to him... he provided that too. It was an easy, no pressure experience.

Thank you,

Chris S.

I was referred to Steve by my insurance agent who had retired, and his recommendation was right on the mark.

Steve knows the markets, which is evidenced by the low rates I received for my term life insurance. I was prequalified and received a quote but -- upon finalizing my application -- the final rate was actually lower than the quote.

I am very pleased with my relationship with my new insurance agent, and I would highly recommend Steve to anyone.

Chris B.
Houston, Texas

Steve Kobrin is our "top gun" for insurance. He is diligent and extremely professional, as well as a very pleasant individual.

He is never too busy to get back to us and, should we have questions, he always gives us clear and timely answers.

It is easy to recommend people to Steve, because we are very confident that they too will be pleased with his services.


Dr. Michael V.
Caldwell, New Jersey

Before I met Steve, I applied for life insurance on my own. I answered some questions about drug use history, and I was denied. A black mark was put on my MIB record, and I couldn't get any insurance company to consider my application thereafter. That was about four years ago.

Since then, I have used Steve -- three times -- to help me obtain life insurance coverage.

Each time, he has come through and gotten me the policy I wanted, from a brand name insurance company. And each time, he has helped me get an even lower insurance premium, through the Prequalification process.

Steve is always very forthcoming about the process, and he manages expectations. I would not hesitate to use Steve again and recommend him in the highest terms.


My situation is somewhat unusual. And I therefore knew it wasn't going to be easy to find a policy. Yet, Steve was positive a policy could be found. And he was right.

I've used one other insurance broker, before Steve Kobrin, and there is no comparison in the quality of service.

Steve made me feel he understood my situation and had my best interests at heart. Everything he asked of me was clearly explained in advance. He was realistic about the effort and time involved. And he always returned my calls or emails promptly. In short, he provided personal service of the first order.

I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend him to a family member, friend or business associate.

Mr. K
Upper West Side, New York City

Dear Steve,

Life insurance alternatives are hard to evaluate for me. But your prequalification process smoothed the way. I got a comfort level in making a decision that was good for me.

Also, paper work and forms are a negative in my life. But your office walked us through the process with little stress.

I have seen many brokers who can't be bothered with the details, and that is where the help is needed, so thanks for making it easy.

Herbert G.
Glen Rock, New Jersey

After researching several options for purchasing life insurance, I met Steve Kobrin.

Steve provided the most comprehensive and suitable choices for my review, and his knowledge of the product helped me choose the right coverage.

He is experienced, professional, and understanding, and I highly recommend his services.

Judy P.
New York

I have a history that made it tough to procure life insurance, so it was important for me to find a broker who was able to navigate difficult waters.

Steve made all the difference. He not only lived up to his reputation, but also has surpassed my expectations.

Robert U.

I have ulcerative colitis and had worked with some other brokers to obtain term life insurance, but I either got turned down or offered exorbitant rates.

Then, I found Steve Kobrin's services advertised, contacted him, and started working with him. He explained how his approach to Prequalification acknowledges the complex variety of expertise among insurance carriers, and how he leverages his knowledge of carriers to find the best fit for an individual in advance.

And he was right: After he got to know me and understand my circumstances, he identified a carrier that was a good match. We submitted one application, and I was offered significant coverage at a reasonable rate.

Having this coverage is very significant to me and my family, and I recommend Steve Kobrin's services to anyone seeking an intelligent, knowledgeable, efficient advocate, when applying for life insurance.

John G.

I got a term life policy with a very competitive rate thanks to Steve and the help of his very friendly, customer service oriented, and professional office staff.

I had a complicated case because of a previous denial, from a different carrier. But Steve's knowledge and skill in the life insurance field made it possible for me to have coverage again, and to have peace of mind when it comes to protection of my family if the unexpected happens.

The prequalification process was strategic, very structured, well processed, detailed, and very smooth. I would highly recommend Steve's office to anyone. They get the job done professionally.

Best regards,

Harry K.

Steve made the process quick and painless. All I had to do was sign the papers and write a check. I trust Steve 100%.

Dr. Wayne F.
New Jersey

Steve worked with us for more than two years to find a company that would consider reviewing our request for a life insurance policy.

He kept searching until he found a company that made us an offer.

We appreciate his perseverance and professionalism.

David and Marilyn S.

Ask Steve (a poem)

Should you purchase life time insurance? Don't ask Steve. Ask your spouse. Watch your children at play. Then ask yourself the question.

Don't ask Steve about the risks in life. Look around, read, and watch the news. Don't obsess on the multifarious ways to perish. Yet understand that there is a number associated with your days here.

Now that you clearly see you want insurance, call Steve. He takes over. There will be a few phone calls and e-mails. No pestering. It all happens while you are busy with the reason you need the insurance in the first place.

When you receive your policy, good things will happen. You sleep deeper. Paradoxically, you take better care of yourself. After all, you've contemplated your value to those you hold dear. And you add Steve to the list of people to whom you are most grateful.

K. W.

This is my second policy through Steve's agency. Steve and his support staff are always professional and walk you through the process with no hassles. Steve also goes out of his way to find the best deal for his customers.

Terry E.

My wife and I recently decided to get life insurance policies as one part of our long term financial plan. Unfortunately for us, she was approved and I wasn't. I have a rare blood condition that makes it look like I have leukemia (I don't!), and as such, the insurance companies considered me to be uninsurable.

Luckily, my financial advisor had worked with Steven and had good results in the past. We first went through a prequalification process whereby Steven was able to gather more information about my condition and thus be able to find the carrier that would be most open to reviewing my application and take a "risk" on an otherwise healthy 32-year old soccer player and long distance runner!

Without that prequalification we would have kept applying to companies randomly and most likely would have gotten the same, unacceptable results.

Thanks to Steven and his work, I was able to get insurance by the first company he tried at a very reasonable rate. In addition, I was kept in the loop as to the progress of my application and the steps that I needed to take.

Thank you Steven; this means the world to me and my family!

Barton B.

Steve Kobrin has helped me with my insurance needs for the last 18 years.

I have always found him to be very professional and extremely honest when it comes to comparing quotes and different companies.

I highly recommend his services and expertise.

Stephen B.
North Carolina

Steve's prequalification process was useful to get a sense of the cost of various options for life insurance.

I could ask him any and all of my questions -- I had a lot! And I felt like I was getting my hand held through the process, which was much appreciated.

Michelle K.
New Jersey

More than 10 years ago, when we just moved to the United States, we were fortunate to find Steve as our life insurance agent. He has been helping us with all our life insurance needs since then. We also recommended him to all of our friends.

His prequalification process is simple, fast, and no hassle on our side. He provided several competitive term life quotes, and he kept us informed at each step so we knew what was going on with our application. We always had answers to our questions right away.

Thanks for your excellent work!

Weiru & Jenny
New Jersey

As a self-employed cancer survivor, I wasn't aware of the difficulty I would face in acquiring a life insurance policy. I spent months on end applying for coverage only to be rejected time and again.

I then found that Steve Kobrin's practice specializes in high-risk coverage, and he was equipped to handle the pre-qualification with multiple insurance carriers. It took some time, but Steve ultimately was able to find the coverage I needed.

I highly recommend Steve to anyone who has encountered similar difficulties in meeting their life insurance needs.

Rick M.
Coppell, TX

Dear Steve,

I found your services only after having at least six other life insurance agents fail to find a policy for me. Although I did have a pre-existing condition, you were nonetheless confident that you could find the life insurance policy I needed to start my own business, and you did.

None of the other life insurance agents I sought help from explained to me about prequalification and how it enabled me to be honest about my medical history without unnecessarily disclosing personal identifying information.

You made prequalification simple and found me the policy I needed when no other agent could. Moreover, the premium was affordable, and the company was a major household name and well-respected life insurance carrier.

Finally, when I was having difficulty with my bank lender, you stood behind me and communicated with the lender and helped satisfy their needs while preserving my medical privacy.

You are always only a phone call or email away. You respond promptly to any questions or concerns. You are truly a life insurance agent a customer can trust to find coverage for themselves, no matter how many times they've heard from other agents that they are not eligible for coverage.

You will always have my sincere thanks and I would not hesitate to recommend a friend or family member to you.

Very truly yours,

Los Angeles, CA

The prequalification process was easy and straight forward.

Additionally, since I participate in high adventure activities, Steven has the knowledge to accurately access risk and ensure that I was not unnecessarily penalized by the underwriting process.

The actual rate for the final insurance product was less than the quote made during prequalification, which was very good.

Steven's service was excellent. He was on the ball, addressing all of my questions promptly and completely. It was a pleasure doing business with him!

I highly recommend Steven if you are a skier, mountain biker, rock climber, or participate in any activity where risk needs to be managed.

Jim S.

The prequalification process set the tone and framework, and helped make sure the application process would run smoothly. It prepared me well.

Steve handles his business with a customer-focused professionalism that I really appreciate. He manages the process and guides you through, for a good customer outcome.

Scott O.

The Prequalification process is very important, so that you do not waste time. It is straightforward and effective.

Steve was very responsive and met all of his commitments on a timely basis. And I would highly recommend doing business with him.

Alex F.

The Prequalification process was great. It went so smoothly. And I didn't have to do much, because Steve very nicely took care of everything. He did a great job.

Thanks Steve!


A couple of years ago, when applying for life insurance on my own, I was denied due to my drug use history. A black mark was put on my MIB record and I could not get any insurance company to consider my application, thereafter.

Steve came through, however.

When I thought all hope was lost, Steve was able to get me the policy I wanted from a brand name insurance company.

This year, I returned to Steve in an effort to reduce my life insurance premium, since more time had passed since the original denial. As with my first experience with Steve, he was very forthcoming about the Prequalification process and managed expectations throughout the entire experience.

He did a thorough job of finding me the best possible deal and, within a short time, I obtained a new life insurance policy with a brand name company, for a significantly lower premium.

I would not hesitate to use Steve again and recommend him in the highest terms.


The prequalification process was simple, and Steve kept us in the loop the whole way through.

Steve explained all the different options available to us, and he helped us pick the life insurance policy that met our needs.

I never felt pushed into buying a more expensive policy. I got a sense of honesty and professionalism from Steve.

New York


Great service. Very responsive and great delivery. Thank you for all your help.


New Jersey

After having months of difficultly finding a new insurance company due to my health history, I was nervous about the process.

Steve Kobrin was reassuring; readily available and patient with my questions; clear with the information he provided; professional in his manner; and extremely prompt and regular with his communications each step of the way.

There were no surprises, and the process of prequalification went smoothly.

I was relieved to be working with Steve, knowing that he would only match me with an insurance company if he was confident that I would receive a policy from them.

I would definitely recommend Steve!

Pennsylvania (in the Philadelphia suburbs)

Steve Kobrin is a most honest, respectful and professional insurance agent. From the very start, he listens to your concerns and then researches various scenarios of policies that would best suit you.

He is patient in answering questions and never comes across as pushy or self-serving. The client's integrity is always valued. His prequalification procedure prepares you for every step. He is in constant communication, letting you know what has transpired between you and the potental carrier. Knowing exactly what to expect for the medical exam saved me time and anxiety.

I personally had the experience of choosing to drop another carrier. My decision was two-fold. The first being that I was no longer happy with how my other policy might perform in the future. Secondly, I did not appreciate the bullying attitude of my other agent. I did not feel that my best interest was being considered. Optional scenarios were not presented until I made the decision to drop the policy.

I turned to Steve, who never belittled anyone, but did research to find another policy that worked for me. I asked a lot of questions as it was scary dropping a policy I'd had for many years. Steve answered them all and made me feel confident in my decision.

Thank you, Steve,

Gloria B.
New Jersey

The Prequalification Process went smoothly, with Steve processing it through quickly. It moved right along with only a short amount of time until completion.

Steve is at all times professional. More than that, he does all he can to meet the needs of his clients and helps them to make very informed and appropriate decisions.

He treats each case as if it is special and the client feels secure and well taken care of. He is always accessible when you may need him, will explain the product thoroughly, and will answer as many questions one may have.

Time is never an issue for him. The client is number one.

Diana M.

Steve made everything simple for me to do. He guided me through the process, and helped me find the best insurance for me.

D. G.
New York

I had worked with another agent for years. After discovering some issues with my heart, I was told by my agent that he could only find a renewal policy at a Standard Non-smoker rate, increasing my premiums almost 100%.

By chance, I responded to an Internet solicitation from a North Carolina broker, Johnny Watts, who proved to be a very good salesman. Johnny immediately referred me to Steve Kobrin, who responded quickly and was highly accessible throughout the process.

The prequalification approach Steve employs really put my health record under the microscope. Then, he worked for six months to locate a better alternative, not giving up after being turned down by his first choice carrier.

Ultimately, Steve obtained a Preferred Non-smoker rate — only about 40% higher than the rate I had gotten ten years ago, when I didnt have any of the heart issues — and 40% lower than the rate I was given by my former agent, who had access to all the same information.

Steve appears to live by Winston Churchills famous quote never, ever, ever, ever give up. I very much appreciate his help.

John S.
Memphis, Tennessee

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Kobrin on several occasions. In every case he has exceeded my expectations.

From prequalification through the application process to final approval, Steve and his staff kept me informed and prepared for every step.

I highly recommend Steve and his organization as they are true professionals.

Sam C.
New Jersey


All along the way, your prequalification process was helpful to me as a consumer in terms of promptly answering my calls/emails, keeping me apprised of the progress, etc.

You always gave me good feedback, including positive strokes regarding my approach to the application/information.

I felt like we knew each other, even though I had never spoken to you before we did this.

To other people, I would advise you to give Steve all the info you can. And you should ask Steve whenever you have questions about how/what to include.

Stacey P.


I was lucky to find your office through an Internet search for high risk life insurance. After reading your testimonials from other satisfied customers, I decided to give you a call.

Fortunately for me, you gave me confidence that you had the points of contacts and the experience to help me land term insurance... and the process worked.

Throughout, I appreciated your honest feedback... specifically, "the more questions the underwriter asked, the better the outcome"... and we did it.

Chris S.

Dear Steve,

We had previously worked together to get me life insurance, and you did a great job.

Since my medical condition was improving, I inquired about getting the rates reduced.

The prequalification process worked well -- it was easy to fill out the forms and to work with the nurse you sent over to collect more information.

You helped monitor the process and keep all the paperwork in line. You were available to answer questions and give updates very quickly.

The whole process was very smooth, and saved me lots of headaches and dollars. You were able to prequalify me at a lower price point!

Thank you for the efforts you put forth!

New York

The prequalification was fast and easy to understand.

All questions and concerns were answered right away in a very professional manner.

Professional, knowledgeable, polite and very easy to deal with.

Thank you for all you help.

New York

I was under a short time frame. But I was disapproved for term life insurance [with another broker, due to my medical history].

Then, I was given Steve Kobrin's name.

I contacted Steve and he started the ball rolling right away. Steve was successful in getting me a new policy -- at the Standard rate.

As a result, I have a policy which will last to age 90. This really puts me in the financial position I wanted for my wife.

Steve, you'll never know the peace of mind your successful efforts have given me.


North Carolina


The part of Prequalification that I liked the most was filling out the papers and required questionnaires. The package and instructions were very clear, and it saved me time.

I haven't worked with other brokers but, while working with you, I felt safe and confident. Your level of service is very high and customer oriented, well done.

I would recommend your service.


I discovered Steve Kobrin through an Internet web search for life insurance agents specializing in high risk applicants.

Because of a longstanding history of depression, including hospitalization at a mental health facility and electroconvulsive treatments, I was aware that I may not qualify for term life coverage at an affordable rate.

Steve conducted a very thorough phone interview with me, and he guided me through the application and prequalification process.

He was able to secure a ten-year level term policy for me, from a highly stable and top-rated company.

I would definitely recommend his services for anyone with a history of significant medical conditions.

D.F., MD
Las Vegas, Nevada

Before I found Steve, I had applied for life insurance through a traditional, large insurance broker and was declined after honestly answering some questions about drug use history.

This set off a 9-month frenzy to obtain life insurance, which had become increasingly important as my wife and I were expecting our first child. With a black mark on my MIB record, however, no insurance company would consider my application.

That is when I turned to Steve.

Just when I thought all hope was lost of finding life insurance coverage, Steve was there and came through for me. He was brutally honest and upfront with me during the prequalification process, but I appreciated his tough love. He was in constant communication during the process and always managed expectations.

With some hard work and lots of patience, I now have a term life insurance policy that will let my family and me rest easier knowing that our child's future is protected.

Thanks, Steve!



I was fortunate to have not worked with anyone else but your company in the life insurance brokerage business. I am grateful for that because my experience was wonderful.

Your Prequalification service allowed me to understand the process better, while getting informed on my options. I enjoyed your experience and expertise, and I felt much better prepared to make an informed decision.

Your skilled guidance and prompt reminders helped me feel protected and taken care of. As a physician, I must say it was a relief to be on the other side of the fence, for once.

Thank you.



Not only am I a satisfied client, but as a Financial Services Professional, I have had the pleasure of being able to utilize your outstanding service and underwriting expertise on behalf of my own clients.

I am particularly impressed by your ability to get more favorable underwriting results than other underwriters I have used and, in some instances, to get reasonably priced coverage in cases where applications were universally declined.

Your prequalification process is extremely valuable, in that you can get clients with health issues pre-screened so as not to open the Pandoras Box of underwriting misunderstandings and misstatements that could otherwise complicate the whole process.

Feedback that I have gotten from my clients has always been positive regarding all your interactions with them, and they appreciate how you have treated them with such courtesy.

Robert H., ChFC, President
West Caldwell, New Jersey 


I want to let you know how much I appreciated your perseverance in acquiring a Life Insurance Policy.

As you know, I was faced with an Insurance Policy that had escalating premiums, and I would not be able to afford them in the future. I sought out and was told by several Insurance Brokers that they would not be able to help me because of my health history. One even told me that no one in the country would consider insuring me at this time.

I don't know how you did it, but you did!

You were always positive about being able to help me, and you asked for only honest answers. It was frustrating at times, but you were always accessible to talk with and always encouraging in our conversations.

The prequalification process took some time to complete. However, it was worth it.

To those persons that may read this letter, my earnest advice to you is to call Steve! You will be surprised what he can do for you. And I would encourage you to complete the questionnaire, and to be very detailed and honest in your answers.

Steve, I'm very thankful that Johnny Watts referred me to you. And I would have no problem in referring individuals to you.

Donald L.
North Carolina


Thanks for all of your help!

Who knew that a congenital heart defect that corrected itself would be the cause of so much anguish.

I am very thankful that I was referred to you, because you made the process seem effortless and pain free.


April D.

If there is ANYONE out there searching for life insurance coverage for someone considered "high risk," do not be discouraged, because there is someone out there who can help. That person is Steve Kobrin and I am so thankful that my husband and I found him.

After so many failed attempts and denials, Steve was a breath of fresh air and the light at the end of the tunnel.

The prequalification process, I thought at first was too good to be true. The fact is, it wasn't. Steve really does take the time to have a prequalification interview via a phone conversation and does some background work for the potential insured. This provides such a one-on-one experience, all the facts are made known and he can really work to research your "unique" situation. He took the time to communicate everything that was needed and was eager to receive paperwork, previous denials, lab reports, etc., to get the job done. When we were notified that we prequalified, we were very happy, but still, we were skeptical, for we had been jaded by past experience and denials, even though I strongly believed Steve was different from our first contact.

Fast forward to the day we signed all the paperwork and sent our first payment, we were ecstatic! Steve really delivered what he promised! Wow!

The prequal allows the consumer to feel confident about the potential to receive coverage and, in this way, does not leave the consumer in limbo, wondering what can or can't happen, which had been our previous experiences. Moreover, the prequalification quotes were true and on point as far as the final premiums go.

Additionally, any questions we had were answered in a more than timely manner. Along the way, Steve will alert you to the steps that are currently being worked on during the process, underwriting and all. It truly was the first positive experience we had had in our search for life insurance coverage for my "high risk" husband, and I don't know what we would have done without Steve and his services!

Thank you so much Steve. You have relieved us of a major stressor in our lives!

New Jersey

I must admit I was skeptical as my wife told me to look at Steve's website for Life Insurance.

I had been turned down before, and I heard that if you're turned down for Life Insurance once, you may as well forget ever getting any. The ultimate black mark on any Life Insurance application is being turned down before.

But she kept badgering me, so I contacted Steve basically just to keep the peace in the house.

I was skeptical as he asked me questions in what he called a "prequalification" process — I was skeptical as he quoted me a low end and high end hypothetical price range — I was skeptical when the guy gave me a physical and drew blood — I was skeptical when Steve told me he got the results of the tests.

Then he called me and told me — not only had I been approved for Life Insurance — but I had been approved on the low end of the price range!

I wasn't skeptical anymore.

I was relieved, surprised and extremely happy! I got life insurance! I sleep a little easier now. All thanks to Steve. He did all the grunt work. I just showed up for the physical and before I knew it — I was insured.

Thanks Steve. A huge cloud has been lifted from our house. And from my head.

Kevin D.

I was required by a bank to get life insurance as a condition of a business loan.

When I was unable to qualify for life insurance through my local broker, I went looking on the Internet for a broker who might be able to get insurance for the uninsurable.

Sure enough, one of Steves many connections agreed to issue me a policy and I was able to get the bank loan.

Steves a very bright guy and really knows his business. Throughout the process he was great to work with -- patient, understanding, and quick to follow up. I couldnt recommend him more highly.

North Carolina

Dear Steve,

I had applied over five times through other agents and organizations, but I was denied each time due to pre-existing medical conditions.

I was not sure how you would be able to accomplish what other agents were not able to accomplish, but you did so, professionally, and while protecting my privacy at the same time, through your prequalification process.

While the other agents and brokers had tried to help me, no one had the knowledge, expertise, or success that you had.

Your prequalification process worked for me when regular applications did not. It was uncomplicated and not overly lengthy. Whenever I had any questions in regard to filling out forms, status, etc., you were prompt, patient and always friendly in replying.

In addition, I was especially pleased with the company that you recommended for me. It is one of the largest insurance and financial companies in the country, and I had even more confidence, then, that the insurance would be there if it was ever needed.

Steve -- myself, my wife, and our business will always be grateful to you!

Thank you again,

Jerry E.

Prequalification is the best way to go with getting insurance, and Steve is like a bird dog about getting things done, and on time, and that is good.

Larry M.

Before I met Steve, I reasonably concluded that my particular medical history barred me from obtaining adequate life insurance coverage. I was ecstatic by the results he obtained.

I consider myself a pretty bright guy; however, I didn't understand just how critical the prequalification aspect of life insurance truly is. There was work still to be done after I prequalified, but I felt secure at least that I would obtain insurance. And that was no small thing.

Steve is a broker and advocate. He worked meticulously and thoroughly. He returned emails and phone calls. I turned to Steve in crisis, and I felt that he fought on my family's behalf.

Robert U.

The prequalification process was very thorough, and it avoided duplicating work and wasting valuable time.

The service received was excellent, along with follow up and communication, to ensure compliance with all dates and deadlines.

If you are considering this service, my advice is to follow the instructions from Mr. Kobrin to ensure complete accuracy.

Thank you.

Monte B.
North Carolina

I originally contacted Steven hoping to save some money over my current life policy.

I'm a rock climber. Because of this, my current policy premium was increased 50% above the cost for a non-climber. I had seen Steven's advertisement in Rock and Ice Magazine, and I finally took the time to contact him.

The prequalification process was fairly brief, and the quoted premium to replace my current policy was a significant saving.

Steven does dig a bit deep so as to understand, and then convey, your risk profile to the underwriters. My advice is to be as honest and forthright as possible so Steven can do the best job for you.

I had really never worked with an insurance broker before, but I can say Steven's level of service has been well above most company agents I've worked with over many years.

Steven always responded promptly to both emails and phone calls. He is willing to take time to explain things and answer your questions, all in a friendly, yet professional manner.

I don't give praise unless it is warranted. Steven does a good job. My thanks to him.


For some health reasons, we were unable to secure life insurance provided by our local agents. We tried everything.

We learned about Steve on the Internet and heard that others had success getting life insurance with his assistance.

We used his prequalification plan and unveiled all of the problems that were challenging us. With everything out in the open, Steve found a carrier that would provide coverage for us.

We were very surprised, our doctors said that it would be impossible to get coverage but Steve found it for us.

Steve was very professional and worked on securing our policy quickly. He has always been helpful and responsive whenever we have had a question or a need. We were very pleased with the service provided.

Thank you for all of your help Steve! We are so glad that we found you!!!

Alex and Bob

Steve is a very efficient, organized, systematized small business owner. Thoughtful, client-driven processes set Steve apart from his competitors by a mile.

Its one of the reasons I use Steves life insurance solutions for my clients; I know they will have a great experience.

Plus, by focusing only on helping folks with their life insurance needs, Steve has built an extremely deep expertise and is a key subject matter expert for my clients.

Ryan S., CPA


Thank you for all of your help in obtaining a life insurance policy that every other agent/broker I spoke with told me was not available due to my health condition.

I truly appreciate your efforts.

In addition to working hard to get the policy, the process was very easy for me since you were so knowledgeable about my condition and were able to prequalify me.

Not only were you able to obtain the policy, your prequalification process was simpler than all other agents/brokers that I spoke with.

Thanks again,

Alan S., CPA, MS
East Northport, New York

Steve's prequalification process was very helpful. It saved on time for research as well as giving the feeling of having an expert at work for you. The service was excellent.

Clyde W.
District of Columbia

My current policy premium had been escalating, every year, since I was through the premium guarantee period, and I knew I couldn't continue it.

I contacted Steve, told him my situation, including the fact that I had tried to get insurance 5 years previously and was quoted an extremely high premium by one company and was turned down by another.

Steve was very thorough during the pre-qualification process. This was important to me because he was determining -- before we actually went through the formal application process -- that a quote was available based upon my particular circumstances.

The bottom line is that Steve worked with me through the pre-qualification, the application, and the underwriting processes. A few days ago, my policy was issued with: (1) more than double the face amount of my current policy (which I am letting go); (2) a 15-year premium guarantee; and (3) a premium that is about equal to where my current policy premium was for this year.

I am very pleased with Steve's professionalism and the results of his services. I have since referred two people to him with similar situations, and he is in the process now of helping them.

One more thing... I myself am an insurance agent in Oregon with many years of experience, but I found Steve's expertise in dealing with people who have some medical issues very valuable. I found out about Steve online while doing a Google search for life insurance for someone with some adverse medical history.

The fact that he is all the way across the country was not a problem either. He communicated regularly through phone and email, and I received the documents I needed to sign in the mail, in a timely manner.

I highly recommend Steve's services.

Mark G.

Recently I was thrown into a situation that my insurance expired and my carrier had not notified me. Upon "re-enlisting" my nightmare began. It was easy to qualify, for a few thousand dollars more per year. PER YEAR.

So I turned to the same company that I have my car insurance through and was quoted one price and -- after the paperwork was done -- was given another price, for a few thousand dollars more per year.

I was uninsured, self-employed, and couldnt afford the prices I was being charged. It was really a scary place knowing that if something was to happen to me, my husband would lose me, my income, and my company.

I was introduced to Steve by a fellow BNI-MN member. I was told Steve is an expert in hard-to-insure cases.

My life is very chaotic and I made it very difficult for Steve to communicate with me. He never gave up. No matter how many times I didnt answer emails or phone calls. Steve was patient when most would have given up!

He knew I needed help and he knew he could help me. Never did he treat me with disrespect or frustration. Steve went out of his way to help me. Even when he mailed papers out that NEEDED to be returned, he would call and remind me, of course after he called to ask me if I needed help filling the papers out.

Again, I cannot reiterate how much help Steve was during the entire process. He was kind, helpful and treated me with respect.

More importantly, he got me insured. Higher coverage for lower price. The peace of mind is priceless.

I would never put my name behind a referral unless my heart was there also. Steve has gained my trust, my respect, my business, and my heart.

Thank you Steve for everything.

Peggy J.

I wish to thank Steve Kobrin for his assistance in securing life insurance coverage.

Other brokers and agents had said that it would be close to impossible to get insurance because of my medical history. Steve, however, made the effort to give me a chance.

While the prequalification requirements were lengthy, it was well worth the trouble. A policy was issued on my life with a premium and term that I could afford, which exceeded my expectations.

As a veteran insurance agent myself, I am impressed with how Steve faithfully communicated with me throughout the underwriting process. He handled my case as professionally as any agent I have worked with over the past thirty-five years.

South Carolina

I am a recovering alcoholic and a recovering drug addict.

During the years of my using, I had found myself in legal trouble (domestic problems as a result of the alcohol and drug use) and with a criminal record (originally a felony, but fortunately a charge that was pled out in a plea bargain agreement to a Class-A misdemeanor). I had acquired a criminal background and about 16 years of on-again and off-again drug use and alcohol use. Oh, I forgot to mention that lifelong depression and anxiety were also a huge part of my life and medical history.

Today, I have four years sobriety, have a great job, have been stable, have attended meetings, have a sponsor, and have worked the steps. I was completely honest on my life insurance applications, but I could not find a company willing to take a risk on insuring my life. Being uninsurable seemed to be yet another consequence of my prior choices -- or so I thought.

After being declined several times by "top" life insurance companies, I almost gave up hope. Both my fellow recovering companions and most of the research I'd done revealed that I might be uninsurable for up to ten years.

I was discouraged with the statistics. But I had worked hard to achieve my sobriety and rebuild my life. The bottom line is that I believed in me, and I had faith that my hard work and commitment to recovery would pay off in terms of getting what I believed I deserved.

And getting life insurance was a large part of the financial planning necessary to completely rebuild my life -- to ensure a future for my children -- maybe as a way to make up to them some of the wrongs I'd done them -- so they would have no additional worries or concerns in the event that I should pass away while they were trying to establish their lives. I felt it was the least that I could do, as part of my amends to them.

Being stubborn and determined (I've slowly learned to turn these into positive traits), I decided to continue my search for someone -- a company that would be willing to take a chance on me in recovery.

I "googled" high risk insurance and stumbled upon Steve Kobrin's company. Reading some of the testimonials of those who had become insured, I was encouraged to apply.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being rigorously honest in the application process and of being patient with the process. Fortunately, my recovery program taught me the principle of being patient and that good things come to those who wait.

Many times during this waiting period I became discouraged, but Steve never became frustrated or impatient with me. He was an awesome cheerleader and gave me the pep talk and encouragement to stick with it.

I did stick with it. And I am now insured at a rate that -- although higher than a rate for someone who is an average risk -- is not unreasonable given my circumstances. I could not have done this without Steve. I honestly don't think I would own a life insurance policy today, were it not for him.

Thank you, Steven, for your wonderful skills, attitude, and knowledge of this specialized field, as well as your knowledgeable staff!

I am grateful to you.


Steve did a great job of guiding me through the prequalification process and was very detailed and attentive.

He was able to get me coverage that I needed at a competitive rate and did it in a very professional and efficient manner.

Steve stayed on top of all the paperwork and various clarifications, which facilitated a successful underwriting process.

It is undeniable that Steve provides the highest level of service to his customers, and this sets him apart from all other Life Insurance professionals.

Steve - Thank you for your terrific service!

New Jersey

The prequalification process was excellent; it was very comparative but better.

Steve was professional and no nonsense.

Gabriel I.
New Jersey

I had a couple of life insurance agents discourage me from applying because of my mountain hobbies and cholesterol medication. One encouraged me to withhold that information from my application. I had a couple others quote me unaffordable rates.

I wanted to make sure my family was protected without radically changing my lifestyle, but I was getting discouraged.

Then I came across a helpful web article by Steve Kobrin.

I called the phone number I found on the web and asked if he would sell to someone on the other side of the country. I found him prompt, helpful, and very well informed. Not only did he get me the insurance I needed without compromising my integrity, the insurance was 30% cheaper than his original quote. He got a great rate for my average-American wife too.

I recommend Steve to everyone, not just people who are traditionally classified as high risk.


Because we are in our middle 50s, and my husband is a smoker, I don't have to convince you that finding an insurance company willing to cover us at an affordable rate is very difficult.

Steve Kobrin was very instrumental in finding us affordable and reasonable coverage.

The Prequalification process was just as he described and performed in a timely manner by qualified persons who were very polite and helpful. Steve kept us informed continually of the progress and status of our applications, and finally, our application approval. He has been very kind and helpful all throughout this unexpected and unplanned insurance search.

My husband and I recommend Steve to anyone that is in need of affordable insurance.

Nancy U.


My wife and I really appreciated the way you stuck with us through this process. It can be difficult to focus on the next step when lives get busy, but you helped us keep moving forward, resulting in a successful application for insurance.

Thanks again for your consistently attentive service and attention to detail.

Tom C.
New Jersey

The prequalification process was very helpful without being too complicated or too much paperwork. It saves time by avoiding completing unnecessary paperwork with other companies in which you may not qualify. And Steve is very friendly, helpful and easy to deal with.


I was having a hard time finding insurance. Other sites either quote you on just one company at a time or maybe a few companies, but they're all missing one important thing -- prequalification. That's really the key to finding quality affordable insurance.

Steve was a great help and worked very hard to find a good company at a good rate. He kept me informed at every stage of the process and was always available to answer any questions I had along the way.

Chris B.

The prequalification process gave me good expectations as to what was available to me in terms of coverage and what the costs would be, with the estimates proving to be highly accurate.

Steve's level of service helped to ensure that the coverage was exactly what was needed in terms of specific beneficiaries, and amounts of coverage. The service was personalized and yet highly professional.

Ed K.
New Jersey


You are the first insurance broker I have dealt with. But, from your initial contact thru the prequalification & application process and until completion, your service was timely & very helpful.

You made the entire process very easy!

Bill H.
Fair Lawn, New Jersey


Since we finalized my life insurance policy, I have recommended you to several people including my auto insurance agent who has been trying to sell me life insurance for years.

I doubt he was thrilled to hear that you were able to get me covered as a climber for far less than he was, but I let him know that your prequal process went way past the label "climber" and drilled in on the type of climbing and my philosophy as a climber to get the best possible rate.

Thanks again for your help.

Jared H.
Denver, Colorado

Dear Steve,

Thank you once again for helping me reduce my insurance cost. The last policy you helped me get, saved me 10% of the premium.

I have been your customer for many years and have gone through several underwritings with you. Each time you show the outmost interest in my situation and always do your best to find a policy that works best for me.

Your expertise in the life insurance field puts my mind at ease, knowing that with you I will get the best deal available.

Thank you, once again.



I really enjoyed your last email about life insurance and property rights. As a child of Yugoslavian communism and socialism, I find it completely bizarre, unsettling and worrisome how much appeal that ideology still holds all over the world.

Thank you very much for your hard work, accurate quotes, and getting me life insurance in a timely manner. You have given me and my family a peace of mind. I will make sure to refer any life insurance business your way.


I began my quest for life insurance with numerous medical conditions working against me. After multiple attempts at obtaining coverage from other companies, I turned to Steve.

He walked me through the entire process with dedication and professionalism. He took the time to understand my needs, prequalified me through multiple carriers, and assisted me in meeting the insurance company's requests.

In the end, I got the life insurance I needed to protect my family, at a rate that I could afford.

I will recommend Steve to my friends, family, and associates for years to come.


Dear Steve,

As you may recall, I am a 68-year old male, who had coronary artery bypass 15 years ago. I am a diabetic. I have sleep apnea. And I am way over-weight. I take all sorts of medications. And I travel extensively.

I acquired a new business two years ago, and the mortgage holder insisted that I obtain Life Insurance in order to remain in compliance with the Loan Requirements.

Who wanted to grant me Life Insurance?

You took the task upon yourself, led me through a process, and then performed your magic with the underwriters. Oh yes, the Premium is high. But... you achieved what no one else could.

For that I thank you and am pleased to endorse your services and recommend them to anyone in need of this type of service.

Allan S.

Mr. Kobrin,

I took a life insurance policy out through you a few years ago. I am diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. Thank you again for your service. It has been invaluable finding someone who will work for those of us most others consider uninsurable.

Judy W.

Dear Steve,

Despite my super busy life, I could not resist to stop for a moment and send you this email.

Throughout my life, I have encountered many people of different backgrounds. I wanted to tell you that I have never came across anyone as professional, as honest and as helpful as you! And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

You could have sold me life insurance with premiums exceeding $800,000. This is actually what my other consultants were initially suggesting. You stepped in and introduced me to other consultants wanting to make sure that I do the right thing even if it means loss of a chunky business for you.

How could I repay you for that. Where can I find a friend and a professional who goes this far to maintain his integrity.

Steve, words can not describe my feelings of deep respect for you. People like you offer a great deal of credibility to the Human race. God bless you.

Warmest Regards,



You and your team were quick and efficient throughout the process.

You were readily available and had good answers to all of my questions, an aspect of the service that I found particularly comforting.

In the end, I received a great rate on my life insurance and your group walked me through every step of the way and made it very easy from my end.



We would like to thank you for finding a life insurance policy for us. We are comforted knowing that our family is protected.

When we had our first child we tried to secure a policy, but no one would insure us, due to medical reasons. We were told that there would be no option for us.

A few years later, while online, we learned about your agency and the pre-qualification process. We figured that we had nothing to lose, so we made the call to you.

Through the pre-qualification process, you were able to find two groups interested in insuring us. We are very pleased that we now have a policy in place. Thank you for making that happen.

I must say that working with you was a pleasure. I believe this is the best customer service we have received in a long time.

Regards to you,



You displayed professionalism, commitment to getting me the policy that works for me, right coverage, and the best rates.

Simply put, your prequalification process was simple, transparent and painless. It's a test-drive tool and I totally recommend it! Your step by step explanation of the process was simple and made it comfortable for me to relax and gain more confidence in you since I was a first time client.

Also, I was even more comfortable because your company has no allegiance to one particular company or products. I have no problem recommending you to family and/or friends.

Shawn S.
New Jersey

I found Steve Kobrin by web surfing for Life Insurance on a 66 year old, with diabetes type 2 and hypertension. AARP and others have higher premiums for seniors with these symptoms.

The medical exam of an EKG, Blood Pressure, and Blood Tests took place in my home, and lasted 40 minutes. It was painless and short. It was "on-schedule," and did not interrupt my routine.

The policy rates were given within a month of the exam and I was happy with the Premium Rate. I was mailed my exam results with all blood tests clearly showing the expected range of each test along with my results. It is an excellent, easy to read medical report.

I bought the Policy from Steve Kobrin. I am pleased with his service. Sorry that I won't live to verify the claims department service of this purchase.

Andy S.
Arcadia, California

After trying so many times to get insurance without a successful outcome, the Prequalification process gave us hope that - this time - getting life insurance might become a reality to us.

Prequalification gives you also an idea of how much it might cost you to get coverage - and how much you can afford to pay monthly/yearly - and how much coverage you need.

Considering the lack of information and communication other brokers incurred on us, Steve kept in touch with us along the entire process and succeeded in getting us insured.

Thank you, Steve!

Antonio & Teresita

I found Steven while searching the internet for an agent who could help lower my premiums (I was Table D for a history of Hepatitis C despite successful treatment).

After Prequalification, he informed me that I would likely qualify for standard rates--and I did. (Finally someone was wiling to listen to the "successfully treated" part instead of just the "history of Hep-C" part!)

Steve obviously has knowledge of which insurers are more tolerant of different kinds of risks. Most important in the process was that he provided realistic expectations of what to expect and what coverage would be available.


I want to thank Steve for all the hard work he did getting me life insurance.

I had a past history of drug addiction and no one wanted to touch me even though I had turned my life around.

I found Steve's website on the internet and began the process of prequalification. He came through with a wonderful premium that allowed me to take his policy and cancel a previous smaller term policy that I had with a previous employer.

What strikes me is that although Steve is located in New Jersey, he keeps in contact via email and newsletters so that it appears as though he is a local insurance agent.

I am so lucky that I found the best insurance agent for my circumstances and am grateful to him for the services he offers.

Thanks so much Steve.

Bryan M.


I have never shopped for life insurance before, but I found it remarkably easy.

Steve was very helpful with the long and sometimes complicated process. He provided a quick response to every query and made sure I understood the fine print.

I'm very happy with my product as well as with the service.

Jason M.

As a rock climber, I was concerned about finding an agent and a carrier that would be able to get past the label "extreme sport" and make a rational assessment of the risk.

I found Steve's pre-qualification survey to include a vastly more detailed rock climbing questionnaire that underscored an honest effort to weigh the risks in a fair and logical way.

And as the owner of a small business with many things competing for my attention, I really appreciated Steve's work to complete all the forms and keep me on top of various paperwork deadlines.

Scott K.

Hi Steve,

You know, one of your competitors tried to sell me life insurance today and I just smiled. I said sorry, no thanks.

I will not go anywhere else but to your agency. You have built a reputation with me similar to how the US audience now looks at the Japanese automobiles for reliability.

Kevin T.
New Jersey

Steve's prequalification process was quick, easy, and provided accurate and deliverable quotes.

He kept us constantly informed of the application's status and promptly notified us when additional information was required. Everything was handled both professionally and courteously.

We highly recommend Steve Kobrin's services.

Patrick & Amanda


Your level of service was very high compared to other brokers that I have worked with. You communicated the facts of my case to me in a timely and accurate manner. In addition, you were honest about the prospects of my situation.

The prequalification process was extremely helpful to me as a diabetic, by enabling me to look at different rates and possibilities before going through the full qualification process.

I would recommend your service to anyone, but especially to diabetics who are having trouble obtaining life insurance.

J. M.
New Jersey

Hi Steve...

I came to know you through my partner and friend, Robin Volpe.

Your prequalification process was extremely thorough and very user friendly. You were available for questions any time of the day. I now have a policy that is economical and complete for my needs with my busness partner.

I am so impressed that I have discussed with my husband the review of our own personal needs for insurance. You ask pertinent questions, do your homework, and present a product that is very efficient and affordable.

I look forward to continuing business with you....

Gloria B.
New Jersey

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your time and effort in putting in place a policy that will help cushion our needs in an unfortunate event.

We appreciate your services and you truly went the distance in both communication and representation of our life insurance needs.

Our family has peace of mind!

Byron & Shauna T.


You have no idea how much peace of mind and security you have helped bring to me and my family by providing me the opportunity to receive life insurance.

Being diagnosed with a rare liver disease in addition to Crohn's Disease was devastating, but realizing the possibility of not receiving life insurance to take care of my two young children because of those diagnoses was crushing.

You were relentless in tracking down a company who was willing to take my case and I am so grateful for that. Although the process took a few years to complete, with a few rejections along the way, I was thrilled to find out that affordable life insurance was finally within my reach.

Thank you for your compassion, thank you for your dedication, and thank you for your hard work. You are a real Mentsch!


I found Steve's website as I started to look for life insurance for my husband and I. We had gotten a quote from our previous agent but wanted to shop around.

I found lots of useful information in the website and decided to give him a call after trying a number of life insurance companies and brokers.

Steve was very thorough from the beginning and I felt that he was looking for the best deal for us. He was always very responsive to my calls and emails.

We would highly recommend Steve and would use his services again.

Luz F.
Amelia Island, Florida

Dear Steve,

The prequalification process was easy. Directions for the paperwork were simple to follow. The health examiner was on time, friendly, and helpful. I appreciate that the results from the lab work were forwarded to us so that we were able to share the information with our physician.

Just to get an idea of what other options were available to us, I went to an insurance web site that guaranteed lowest prices. I found that we were quoted the same price you quoted. Nice to know we could work with a person, rather than a web site, and not pay more.

You kept us informed thorughout the process. You tried to find out what our needs are, and tailor a policy to fit those needs. You cautioned us to make sure we did not cancel our insurance until we were covered by the new policy.

I have not had much experience working with insurance brokers. I can say you were never pushy. I never felt like I was being talked into something. You tried to explain options and go from there.


New Jersey


Your prequalification process was Absolutely helpful to us, as consumers. We knew very little about this process and we learned quite a bit during the prequalification discussion.

You were able to explain the opportunities and issues related to life insurance. You were incredibly diligent and easy to work with.

Many thanks for all your help.

Amy F. and Cindy S.
New Jersey

Steve was Great to deal with throughout- thorough, efficient and very knowledgable. We trusted him entirely and will be sure to recommend him to friends.

Jocelyn R.
New Jersey

We all work in a very fast paced, appointment busy society. Working with Steve gave me the opportunity to continue my daily routine and still get all the paperwork done in a timely fashion.

The process was easily spelled out and took less time then stopping to get my morning cup of coffee. Steve was on the ball and kept me posted all along the way.

I highly recommend Steve Kobrin for all your insurance needs.

Tom S.
Omaha, Nebraska


Your prequalification process was helpful to me because you actually delivered in the end on the insurance quotes you said up front that you thought you could deliver.

Other insurance agents quoted me incredibly low rates at first, and then incredibly high rates after I went through the trouble of the application process -- even though I told them up front what my problem areas would be (i.e., rock climbing).

You actually took the time to understand what kind of climbing I do, and relayed that accurately to the insurance company. Being mostly an occasional boulderer, that greatly helped lower my rates.

Your service is great. But the real difference is that you are realistic and thorough in your questions up front.

Thanks again,

Richard B.
Fort Collins, Colorado

Due to my recent diagnosis with a chronic, connective tissue disease, I assumed I would be uninsurable. At the very least I expected to spend countless hours and endure countless headaches searching for someone to spend their time on me. I dreaded even starting the search for life insurance.

Luckily, I was referred to Steve Kobrin right away. What a blessing!

Steve's Prequalification process was quick and painless. Steve explains the common sense need for Prequalification in terms even I can understand.

I was most impressed with Steve's genuine concern for me and in making sure my needs were met. Steve's attention to detail and his steady communication made me feel like I was his only client. I kept thinking, "How does he find the time to be that way?"

Steve is a rare breed in this day and age. I certainly do recommend him to anyone for their insurance needs. You won't be disappointed.


Kelly P.


I appreciated your great service and help.

The questionnaire you provided made the usually arduous task of qualification a lot faster. Instead of a long phone call or many back and forth written communications, we were able to get to the crux of matching my needs to an appropriate policy in very short order.

I wish all of my insurance providers had a streamlined process such as yours.

You did a great job explaining each step of the application, and were extremely responsive to my questions. In short, you made it very simple for me to get the coverage I needed, with minimal effort on my part.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to my family, friends, or colleagues.


Matt S.

I came across Steve Kobrin's website after getting the run around for over 8 months with two separate Internet based brokers.

These brokers took me through the lengthy Prequalification process only to find that the insurance company would not take me (due to foreign travel). I was also passed off from one "client service rep" to the other and it took them days to return my emails.

In great contrast, my experience with Steve has been exemplary.

From my first contact with Steve he has shown great professionalism and knowledge of the issues that someone looking for life insurance faces. He knew right away which insurance company would likely take me and the Prequalification forms he sent were meticulously explained. Beyond that, he was very responsive to my questions and emails and personally took me through the entire process.

I highly recommend Steve's services and would definitely go back to him for my future insurance needs.

Philip S.
New York

Prequalification takes the worry about approval out of the process. If you don't prequalify you aren't obtaining the most competitive rates for your unique case.

Steve Kobrin is a stellar representative for tough cases. Trust him implicitly and you will wholeheartedly receive his best efforts--a life saver and money saver!

Catherine E. C.

Compared to other insurance brokers we've worked with, your level of service is a vast improvement due to your knowledge in obtaining life insurance for persons with chronic health conditions.

Also, we were very appreciative of your frequent communication during the underwriting process. We were kept well informed.

Steven L. A.
Jersey City, New York

Steve's prequalification process is simple and informative and allowed me to evaluate the options available to me so that I could make the best choice possible.

The level of service is better than any other company I have experienced. They care about the client and are very helpful during the whole process.


Steve Kobrin's service has been impeccable. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. His prequalification process was probably the only way in which I could have gotten coverage for me and my family.

Due to high liver enzymes, my initial attempts at life insurance coverage were rejected. Other life insurance agents appeared to not have the interest or the knowledge of how to deal with my situation. Steve did.

I am grateful to Steve for pursuing the policy with diligence and concern. He got it done!


I came across Steve's website after trying a number of life insurance companies and brokers. The companies were really interested in providing me life insurance quotes until I mentioned my ulcerative colitis which had been cured four years earlier by surgery.

After my first phone call with Steve, I knew that I had finally found what I was looking for -- someone who would go to bat for me to find me the best coverage and rate. Steve not only talked a good game but he delivered. Through his hard works and insurance contacts he secured a Standard Plus policy for me.

I was also impressed with the promptness that Steve would return my calls or answer my email questions. He was nearly always available.

I would highly recommend Steve and his team and would use them again if the need arises. I only wish he would use his skills to help me with my health insurance.

Thanks again Steve.


I worked with an online company at first and felt like a number. Steve offered a personal touch that made all the difference.

Prequalification gave me comfort of knowing where I stood in terms of securing life insurance before I made a formal application.

I have recommended Steve to my family and friends.

Darran C.
New York

Dear Steve,

This is to thank you for the outstanding service you rendered in connection with my recent purchase of life insurance.

Your unique service of Prequalification was especially helpful. I was under a time pressure, and the fact that you Prequalified me allowed me to make my decision quickly without having to wait weeks for an insurance company.

I would remind you also that I told you in the beginning of the process that I have been dealing with a highly professional agent in South Carolina for 50 years and would probably place the business with him unless it was especially worth my while to change. Not only was your Prequalification much faster than waiting for him, but the rate you got for me was considerably under that which he obtained.

You can be assured I will most certainly contact you for any future insurance needs I might have.

Very truly,

Nathan R.
South Carolina

Service was acceptional. The prequalification process is easy, they will coordinate a physical at your residence if requested. Steve Kobrin was always available and assisted me every step of the way.

Eric L.
Rhode Island

Dear Steve,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to express my great thanks to you for turning my Life Insurance situation from declined- twice, to insured at a very reasonable rate, within a very short period of time! Let me elaborate.

From the very first time I spoke with you on the phone all the way through just this week receiving word from you that I was covered and that all was said and done, I have felt as though I were your only customer. Seriously. Your attention to my situation has been that exemplary. And, if I had a question, (most of our correspondence was carried out through email) you answered it within a couple of hours and NEVER any more than twenty-four.

You spent the time, upfront, to pre-qualify me. You delved into my health situation, you asked pertinent questions, and, above all, you were extremely professional in your approach to sensitive subject matter. When we were finished you said that it was not as bad as I had thought- and that you could help me. After that, I felt as though, through you, I had taken control of my life insurance debacle. You weren't kidding in the end either. My family is now protected.

Other agents? Please. NO help. I was shuffled through with little, or worse, BAD advice. In fact, the agent that originally helped me said that he would call back in a few months so that we could try again. Surprise! Never called. You, however, took the time at each and every step, to get back with me promptly so that I might feel informed. This was a very smooth process and very... non-stressful. You said that it was all do-able and you weren't kidding!

Thanks again, Steve. Great professional and courteous service. GREAT price in the end as well. My family and I have peace of mind at a very affordable price. If I ever have a conversation about life insurance with ANYONE EVER- your name WILL be mentioned. As a matter of fact, it already has happened! Needless to say you have and will be highly recommended.

In closing, rare is it, in my experience, to HAVE a great experience purchasing anything. You, Steve, have fixed a problem for me that I was beginning to think was unfix-able. Thank you very much. Your services have been GREATLY appreciated.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Dear Steve,

Your prequalification process was so informative and outlined all the issues in obtaining the best life insurance coverage at the most reasonable rate.

Not only did the process provide me with all the information I needed, but it also provided coverages and rates that we ultimately obtained.

My experience with you for personal insurance was so well handled, that it was an easy decision to use you for our business insurance.

When other companies found reasons to increase their rates, you did research and provided coverages with companies that did not use this tactic.

Thanks again for all your efforts and excellence service.

William G.
New Jersey

Dear Steve,

What impressed me most was the service you provided throughout each step of the process. Your communication was superb. I was never in doubt about where I was in the process and what I needed to do.

I highly recommend Steve Kobrin to anyone looking for not just great insurance rates but also for superior service. He's the best.

Mark M.

Steve Kobrin is the best Life Insurance Broker I have ever dealt with.

Previous to his effort I have been refused countless times by several life insurance companies through other agents over the course of three years. The main reasons were a combination of my health conditions and age.

However, Steve succeeded!

In addition to his many insurance contacts and unusual skill, an important reason for his success is his unique Pre-Qualification Process. While other brokers work with various insurance companies, Steve works for his clients, insuring them the best possible deal.

Contact him and you will also sing his praises.

Dr. Jay B
New Jersey

[Steve's prequalification process] ensured that I would qualify with the right company at the right rate. A very important step if you have any concerns over your insurability.

Steve has very broad knowledge about the different carriers and their individual preferences, and can thus tailor your coverage to the best carrier for you.

Steve is very thorough, professional, and offers great communication and follow-up.

David B.
New York

Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for helping me get approved for my Life Insurance. The patience and effort you've shown me is all appreciated.

I applied with a number of agencies but I feel better with your company. You take care of your clients very well and let them understand everything - policies, beneficiaries, coverage and of course your affordable monthly payments.

Jenalyn Y. B.

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your persistence and your resourcefulness.

Most climbers have such a hard time getting life insurance even though many of us know that the drive to the crags is statistically more dangerous.

We are grateful to know that Bob is covered during work and play and we appreciate your help through the entire process. Thanks again.

Michelle and Bob

I needed to obtain life insurance for my business. This was a case that "Typical Insurance companies did not want to deal with."

A quick email on a Sunday to Steve resulted in an immediate call back on the same day. Based on the information I gave him over the phone he said "No Problem" and even gave me a preliminary quote.

I gained immediate respect for him as a true professional. He followed through the process until the end effectively. Thank you Steve.

Ali S.

Dear Steve,

First, we are all so grateful for the care, professionalism, efficiency and expertise with which you were able to help our family obtain this very important life insurance policy for our father.

We called, e-mailed and spoke with many agents, however, one thing stood out about you which we did not receive from the other agents...and that was the personal touch and attention to details in getting our father signed up in a timely manner.

Although our dad is in a nursing home, he is extremely delighted knowing that he is insured and his children will not be burdened with the worry of his final expenses...and you made that happen...and for that we are so grateful.

The prequalification process and the level of service we received were and still are superb. It made what we initially thought of as a very stressful process seem like a walk in the park. Even when little problems arose, they were handled with such proficiency and expertise that we didn't have to worry.

We would highly recommend you and your services to anyone who is in the market for insurance.

Brian A. G.
Maria V. T.
New York

Thank you very, very much for all your help and information. You're the answer to a prayer, and I'm sure you've heard that before from 'hard-to-insure' people like me.

Depression and substance abuse are both conditions that carry a stigma -- and therefore are very shame-based -- and you completely lift that away.

I'll refer everyone I know with similar histories to your agency, and I hope we can do business in the future.


Steve did a great job for me finding a policy that was almost 1/2 the price I was quoted by other insurance brokers.

It is frustrating to see the rates sky rocket because a company views being a rock or alpine climber as extremely dangerous. Steve shopped my information around and found a reputable company that gave me a good priced policy.

Steve made it easy to work with him being available via email or phone.

Richard K.


Your service was just fantastic. I have never had such great service from any person whether in the insurance area or otherwise. You were very kind, reassuring, diligent and accessible... very professional.

Alex M.

After a horrible experience with 2 different dot com insurance brokers, I found Steve Kobrin.

It was a pleasure to deal with a professional insurance agent rather than a telephone clerk. His prequalification process and level of attentive service is unmatched in the industry.

I would recommend Steve to anyone looking for life insurance.

Peter A.
New York

Steve was the only insurance person that I could find who would work with me.

I had given up on getting life insurance. Steve never gave up and worked hard to deliver results. If you have a challenging situation I feel confident that Steve is the right person to help you.

Rex W.

With Steven Kobrin's prequalification process, what you see is what you get.

Unlike the big online companies that offered a great teaser quote than tried to sell me a different policy months later, Steve personally made sure I knew exactly what I was buying and that all my questions were answered.

He made sure the policy I got met my family's goals and budget and took the mystery out of the process.

I'm pleased to have found a broker to work with for my future life insurance needs, and am happy to recommend Steven Kobrin to others.

Adriel H.

I could tell you guys really cared about my needs as a customer.

The prequalification process was fast and friendly. I liked the fact that although personal/medical questions were asked, it didn't seem like a series of invasive questions.

You were always there to answer question and give updates. I knew if I called or emailed with a question I would receive a response within 24 hours.

The medical part of the process was quick and painless. Your team of professionals came to my home, gathered their information and samples and were on their way within about 20 minutes---perfect for my busy schedule.

You went out of your way to find the right fit for my needs. As a self-employed person, I really value your level of customer service.

Joseph C.

Dear Steve,

Just a note to thank you for your help and diligence in getting me life insurance.

Having spoken with three other brokers in my quest, you were the only one to truly take an interest and afford me with personal service, rather than just e-mail me quotes. Your unrelenting pursuit to get me the proper insurance has resulted in both satisfaction and peace of mind for me and my family.

The service I received from you was second to none, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of insurance.

Know that through this experience with you, you have not only gained a client, but also a friend.

All the best,

Norman S.
New York City

Guiding clients up Everest, climbing K2, flying from the Andes to Africa to Tibet and Pakistan, is my dream-come-true.

My dream just happens to be a life insurance nightmare.

I've grown my business by borrowing millions. All that debt has to be collatoralized by life insurance. In addition, I want to be certain my family is taken care of should an avalanche bury me alive. For years, only an excess market carrier would cover me. The coverage was only for Accidental Death and the premiums rose by 15% per year.

Then I heard about Steve Kobrin. He not only found me a far superior policy, he also saved me more than 50% in the first year alone. With this twenty year term, I should be able to save Hundreds of Thousands of dollars, while not risking the threat of non-renewal.

In addition, Steve's service was amazing. He guided me with care and skill through the insurance maze, fighting a tight time-line.

I couldn't be happier.

Chris W.
Columbia, Maryland

The prequalification process was great.

As an insurance agent with several years of experience, the service was excellent and I will definitely use again for impaired risk cases.

Raymond K. Y., Jr
Fort Worth, Texas

Dear Steve,

Thank you very much for helping me with the life insurance policy. The prequalification process worked perfectly fine for me, and I knew what to expect in terms of premium fee long before I submitted an application. The underwriting process has never been easier for me.

Of all the brokers I've contacted for quotes, you spent the most time with me, and you were thorough and truthful as nobody else.

Once again, thank you, and I am sure I'll call you again if I need more coverage.



You have been diligent and responsive to our inquiries concerning our insurance needs. You have considered our time needs and schedules in working with us to analyze and obtain the products we needed.

We appreciated the way you investigated various options available to us and the cost factors involved and the way you analyzed our existing insurance to update out family planning with new approaches to solve our problems.

Herbert M. G., Esq.
Glen Rock, New Jersey

The service provided by Steve Kobrin was exceptional. He is very knowledgeable and helped to expedite the entire process.

I appreciated being able to have the prequalification exams and questions handled in my office at my convenience.

Sheila G., MA, CAE
Glen Rock, New Jersey


We tried three agents before to get insurance, and nobody succeeded in helping us until you. Thank you.

Some of the agents kept us hanging for weeks and then told us they couldn't help us. You have been very helpful all along and it is much appreciated.

Adele and Judah K.
New York

Steve's agency assisted us through the process of obtaining insurance to cover requirements on a commercial loan.

Throughout the process, Steve assisted us quickly with answers to our questions, forms, and communication with the lender. Steve's agency also saved us money over other companies quotes.

We recommend this agency to anyone who is in need of a good honest insurance agent. In addition, we feel the prequalification process was very helpful and a real time-saver for us.

Terry and Iwana E.

Dear Steve,

I just wanted to take this time to thank you very much for your outstanding prequalification process and outstanding service.

Steve, as you know I was under the crunch when the bank that I was using required me to get life insurance. I had only one week to get this done before closing on my new business. Remarkably, you were able to get me a great price and turn it all around including the medical examination within 7 days.

Your service, follow-up and ethics were outstanding!

I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and customers alike. Feel free to use my name for referrals.

Thanks Again,

Juan Carlos R.
Miami, Florida


I felt that the prequalification process was expeditious and painless, without the feeling of being an outcast.

I would encourage anyone that has any health issues to contact you for insurance.

Being in the service industry myself, my expectations of service are higher than most individuals. I can honestly say that your level of service exceeded my expectations in comparison to other entities offering the same services.

George P.


I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service you provide. The personalized service you provided was unparalleled.

I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct your business. I highly recommend your company to others because of my satisfaction with your service, and your results.

I had almost given up on obtaining life insurance. I now have the insurance I was looking for at an affordable price. I also have peace of mind knowing that my life insurance is protecting my family from financial hardships in case of my death.

Thank you!

Tony M.
New York

Steve Kobrin is one of the most thorough and professional people I have dealt with.

I don't like doing business with aggressive people. As a salesperson myself I'm sensitive to the stereotype of being pushy. Steve provided service and responsiveness that not only exceeds the other insurance brokers I've dealt with, it surpasses most people I've done business with. Throughout the process Steve was genuinely concerned about my needs!

His prequalification process certainly streamlined things. All insurance brokers have to ask some personal questions. I've spoken with many and none of them made me feel as comfortable and at ease as did Steve Kobrin.

David N.
New Jersey

The prequalification process was a snap. Very quick and to the point. No guess work here!

I have done Life Insurance policies before, but never online. Steve made the process so much quicker and easier and questions were answered immediately.

We truly appreciate the personal service we received. These days business is so crazy, its hard to find someone that wants to help and give individualized attention. Steve went out of his way to make sure we received the information we needed.

Gene and Angela A.
North Carolina

Hi Steve,

I particularly like the prequalification process because it offers all the options up front and dramatically streamlines the decision making process.

This has been my first experience with the prequalification process, in the past the procedure was always "apply and wait to be accepted or turned down." In the future I will only work with companies or brokers that will prequalify, "you know the answer before you ask the question."

Communication was key, you have always responded within 24hr. even if you had no new information. The total transaction was almost effortless using e-mail, fax and regular mail. This allowed us to decide and respond at our convenience.

I have a relative in the insurance business and he was not as helpful in this situation.

Katharine S.


The prequalification process went as expected. We had no surprises. I would say to other consumers, be honest and upfront. There is coverage for everyone, if you're honest.

Your service doesn't compare to others. With your service, you made us feel important and not just another policy. You followed through with everything that you said you would.

Thanks so much,

Melissa C.

Since I had already been denied coverage by one insurance carrier, I did not want to be turned down by another, knowing full well that if another carrier declined me coverage it would make it extremely difficult to get coverage from another carrier and expensive.

Prequalification gave me peace of mind through the whole process. It would be extremely beneficial for anyone seeking life insurance to go through the prequalification process. If you are not sure of your state of health, it's an absolute must.

The level of service you provided was good. I was kept up-to-date often as to the status of my application.

Dan O.

Dear Steve,

Thank you very much for everything that you've done for my mom. You are indeed a great person to deal with, and in my mom's case, you really went beyond to help her get life insurance. I should say that you were honest with us, and that really showed how well you treat your clients.

New Jersey

The prequalification process was painless and timely.

The thing I appreciated was that Steve was able to prequalify me without risking a negative mark on my record. If you apply for insurance and get denied it will effect your chances the next time you apply.

Steve worked very hard to secure a policy that my family could afford. We now have the security we need for the next 20 years, and I know if something happens to me my wife will be covered.

I never thought I would be able to secure life insurance, but Steve was able to convince the carrier to accept the policy and at a very competitive rate.

Ken V.
Portland, Oregon


I was very satisfied in that you were very attentive to my needs, especially the rush I needed to get the policy approved... in addition, whenever you sent me something in the mail, your instructions were so easy and very helpful. I would gladly recommend you to anyone looking for insurance of any kind.

With special regards,

Allan M.
New Jersey


Prequalification was helpful because I knew I was facing an uphill battle in securing life insurance, and prequalification allowed me both to get an answer quickly and to know what sort of policy and fee I'd be qualified for.

I would certainly recommend prequalification, because it does give peace of mind. It's personalized (unlike so many other preliminary quote offers) and let me go through the process without undue worry.

Your level of service is excellent. Although we've conducted all business via email, I feel that there's been a personal connection and interest. Moreover, I've never had to press or prod you for action; you've always been at least one step ahead of the process and have been incredibly responsive.

I appreciate your efforts more than I can say!

Atlanta, Georgia

I was very pleased to find someone (Steve Kobrin) that was familiar with the problems I was facing in securing life insurance due to my chronic illness.

After having had a company-sponsored life insurance program for the past 15 years I had no idea of the difficulties or costs of purchasing life insurance. Steve walked me through the process and made sure I was kept informed at all times.

I would highly recommend working with Steve as he was very knowledgeable and highly competitive.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Working with Steve on getting life insurance was a breeze. I sent out feelers to three different representatives and he responded faster and with the most complete and easy to understand information about the process.

Through his hard work we were able to get more coverage (30% more!) than we originally planned following our initial contact with him. The premiums I pay as a diabetic are less than those paid by others I know who do not have chronic conditions.

I told a friend of mine to use Steve's services and would strongly encourage others to do the same.

Ben B.
Odenton, Maryland

After being rejected for life insurance 3 times in 2 years, I was recommended to turn to Steve and his expertise... What a pleasure !!!!!

I passed the difficult task on to Steve and HE GOT THE JOB DONE!!!!! professionally... intelligently and respectfully !!!!!

Tell Steve what you need, disclose all relevant information.... and Steve will run with the ball from there !!!!! you just sit back and wait !!!! What a pleasure !!!!!!!

I have no hesitation to STRONGLY recommend using his services !!!!!

Irwin J. G.
Brooklyn, New York


I found you on the net and couldn't be more pleased with the whole process. Everything was very simple and you explained any and all questions in a very timely manner.

My insurance was quite easy for you but the one that we were very impressed with was the policy for my husband. When we found out he was able to be qualified with a preferred status we knew then that you were the agent for us.

It is hard to purchase insurance for the inevitable but you made it all so easy. Thanks Again.

Tony and Mutemah S.

Hi Steve,

I think that, especially for people like myself that have a preexisting disease, the prequalification process is especially effective.

I also was very impressed about being constantly updated on the process and my status in it. I found I was able to get any answers I need quickly and a strong rapport was developed with you. I feel you demonstrated a strong concern for my understanding of what needed to be done and what the choices were.

This has been the best overall experience I have ever had with an insurance broker. I would highly recommend your services to anyone. Thank you so much.

Dennis M. B.

As an insulin-dependent diabetic, I had pretty much given up hope on finding affordable life insurance. Even though I am in impeccable health, I was receiving quotes that were more expensive than those for a heavy smoker!

By specializing in difficult cases like mine and utilizing an in-depth prequalification process, Steven Kobrin secured a reasonable 20-year rate for me.

His level of service was impeccable, with extremely quick and detailed responses to all of my questions. I've already recommended his services to friends and family.

New York


It was extremely convenient to fill out your short questionnaire online and receive a prompt response, informing us if we were qualified and how to proceed. Quick and easy to use.

I have already recommended your services to several coworkers. Our company does not offer spousal life insurance. Your process and customer service are excellent and I hope to send you additional clients.

You were thorough in your explanation of the coverage and patient with me and all of my questions. Your emails were prompt, clear, and understandable. Our phone conversation was friendly, personable, and at no time did I feel like we were completing some dull agreement, nor at any time did I feel like I was under any pressure to buy. All in all, it was a pleasant and painless process.

While shopping for this policy I had numerous hard-sell calls and emails [from other companies]. Your service and treatment was completely different and positive.

Thank you for your help.

Lyssa F.


As a salesman with experience in marketing and customer service, I think your service is great!

Prequalification is an excellent idea. Your efficiency and prompt response during the entire process promotes a feeling of trust and confidence. Thank you for a successful application. I have the policy.

South Carolina


Allow me to thank you for the efficient service you have provided me in obtaining life insurance.

I had been denied insurance from other companies, but you came through on the type of life insurance I wanted and the price was exactly as you quoted me. You assisted and guided me every step of the way.

Thanks for everything.

Paul G.


I am very happy with the level of service I recently received in obtaining insurance through your company. Your follow-up was excellent and the pre-qualification made the whole process much easier. In addition, I think your rates were very reasonable and held up exactly as quoted in the pre-qualification process.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends in the future.

David J.

Steve did a great job of prequalifying me. The process was quick, thorough, and got me great coverage with a first rate company.

I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and knew I might have trouble getting coverage, so I shopped around. Steve specializes in tough cases like mine. He said he could get me the insurance I needed, and he did.

In fact, he was the only one able to get me life insurance, and he got me qualified with two companies.

Trust Steve. Tell the truth about any medical condition you have, so he can work as your advocate. I truly believe if Steve cannot get you insurance, then you can't get it anywhere. He doesn't judge you, question you, or make you uncomfortable. His level of service and follow-through is unmatched. Steve is the best insurance agent I have dealt with, period.

I own a small company that required all types of insurance, every one of them could learn from him. He is fast, efficient, and professional.

I had an agent (not Steve) in my home who told me he could get me life insurance, could not do it, so he tried to sell me insurance for my kids. He kept calling me back because he didn't believe I got the coverage I was looking for.

Steve sold me what I needed, and what was best for me, not what was best for him. I wish he was the only insurance agent I had to deal with. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it's the truth.


The Prequalification process was fast, and Steve made me feel very comfortable about answering the questions. Don't be nervous about it, I was surprised at how painless it was and appreciated how Steve made me think getting insurance was indeed possible.

Steve is terrific. He walked me through every step. I was so grateful that he kept me informed as every piece of the puzzle came together.

I was in the process of building a home and quite honestly, forgot about what Steve was working on for me in the background. Thank goodness he was so diligent and didn't let me get lost in the shuffle.

Kathleen D.

The prequalification process was very helpful because I knew that there was an insurance company out there that would cover people with illnesses. It was also helpful to know what the monthly premiums was going to be. It's a great process!

Steve called and he made sure he was there to help me, no matter what. At first I was a little hesitant giving him my personal information, but then I didn't have anything to lose. Steve assured me that I would get life insurance, one way or another.

Steve's customer service was exceptional. He phoned and emailed me to let me know what's going on. When we would hit a snag, he would tell me what I needed to do to get the process going again. I thought I would never get life insurance, but Steve came through and told me that I was covered.

The difference between working with Steve and others is that Steve wants to help you get covered. Once others find you have an illness, their answer was sorry, nothing else we can do.

I will forever be grateful for Steve for helping me out.

Uyenthi T.

Thank you, Steve, for understanding that I'm on the road so much that I don't have time to schedule tests to expedite my insurance.

We were able to achieve our objective with regards to having life insurance without a physician's report with ease. We now feel much better with regards to our situation and know that those of us who are much too busy for the "red tape" have achieved our goal of family unity and peace.

It is unbelievable that we could achieve this goal... we've tried many companies who have bombarded us with "must do's" and you understood our quest to continue our everyday lives but still achieve our goal of having the coverage we needed without the bureaucracy. Please know we deeply appreciate your help and concern.

As I write this to you, know I'm "still a road warrior" but know my family is well cared for... thanks for your help.

Carol Z.

My vibrant, healthy seven-year old son has a brain anomaly that will not shorten his life and has done nothing to impede his development, however, he did have a total of 3 seizures by the time he was 5 1/2.

Because we have chosen to keep him on medication, we have been extremely concerned about finding health and life insurance for him. It was a great relief when I contacted Steve Kobrin through the National Epilepsy Foundation web site.

Steve was very respectful and helpful. The prequalifying process eliminated the fear we had about him being declined for coverage. My son was approved, and I am so thankful to know that I have this investment set up for him and his future family.

Even though conditions may exist, capturing your health today will be a big relief for tomorrow.

Donna V. M.
Indianapolis, Indiana


The prequalification process is a great tool that provides consumers with timely information with minimal risk to the consumer. It certainly is a unique and valuable benefit that distinguishes you from other insurance brokers.

I would certainly recommend you to others who are considered "high risk".


Andy C.
New Jersey


I felt that all the possibilities for the best quality and value plans were considered based on the parameters I needed. This really put me at ease, and also helped me understand the process.

Prequalification is a necessity. How else could you contemplate a substantial service like this?

I've never been able to feel as much trust with a broker before. When you helped me understand the market you would be working in, based on my own needs and parameters; then I began to appreciate how diligently you were working for me.

Thank you for the opportunity to let others know about the great job you do in this line. It is so difficult to find someone with not only the skills and integrity, but who also truly cares. Keep it up Steve!

Kalman S.
Monsey, New York


Your level of service was among the best I have received from any broker.

The prequalification process was most helpful in expediting my insurance request and providing me with an advanced idea of probable insurability. You met all my expectations in a timely manner.

Pat B.
New Jersey


I have had Hep C for over 20 years and been turned down at least 5 times by people who said no problem. You said, "I think with what you told me it is well worth a shot!" Well - you were right!

Thanks for walking me through a tough process. Anyone with a chronic illness knows how bad it is to be reminded of it by the words "sorry," "too bad," or other words because of your past.

Thanks again, and please feel free to quote me to others who are sick of being rejected when they might give it one shot with you. Thanks again for making it easier to sleep knowing my family will be taken care.


Steve has provided first-rate insurance and finance services to me for over 7 years now.

He is quite thorough in getting the information necessary to do the job right the first time. I receive replies to my questions within one business day. I would highly recommend Steve's services to anyone.

Chuck S.
Princeton, New Jersey


I work for a large, regional insurance agency that provides life and health insurance services in addition to property/casualty insurance that I deal with. Even the people here in my office were unable to provide me with the efficient, professional service you provided.

I wanted to provide my diabetic son with a life insurance policy that could be continued in force as he ages. I knew it would be difficult. All of the other agents I approached, including the agent that handles my life insurance policies, were unable to help me at all, offered outrageous premium quotes or simply never returned calls or responded to me in any way.

You were the only agent that responded to my initial questions and was able to assist me to the end.

Sue S.

Steve was the fifth broker I tried in getting a reasonable rate for my 40-year old wife. He came through with a good rate confirming his dedication from the first phone call.

Steve and Laura S.

Steve Kobrin is all about hard work, integrity and passion. He was simply fantastic.

Contrary to the myriad of other brokers who I have spoken with (it is clear that all they want is your money), Steve really cares and took the time to communicate each step clearly during the entire process. His follow up, attention to detail, organization and commitment to serving his clients was incredible.

Overall, his professionalism and ability to deliver results is beyond comparison.

Jeff R.

I am a 48-year old father of three, who clearly needed life insurance with a high face value. I had a problem with elevated blood lipids (triglycerides) and some liver enzymes. Blood work revealed it was most likely genetic. I had been turned down by several carriers and surcharged so high by my own union carrier that I could not afford the coverage.

I found Steve on the internet by putting in the key words "elevated liver enzymes." How lucky I was that day! Steve worked with me, or really coached me during the entire process from application to medical and finally to policy review and acceptance.

I ended up getting a $500,000 policy at a price I never even heard the other carriers mention. My family can rest secure in knowing I have a 15 year policy that will protect them through the most formative and critical years of their lives.

Anytime I hear people talk about life insurance problems, I e-mail them the next day with Steve's website. As far as I'm concerned Steve doesn't sell life insurance. He sells a product that guarantees my wife and children food, clothing, our home, their schools, their neighborhood friends, Christmas gifts and most importantly a loving legacy from their father who can now sleep soundly with that peace of mind.

Thank you Steve, for the gift of peace.


Charles V.
New York

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve both personally and professionally.

He provided personal quotes to me in a timely fashion, but more importantly took the time to meet with me and explain the options available to me. His integrity and ability to "connect" and provide for the sometimes challenging needs of his clients are exemplary.

Steve - thank you for this terrific service!

Sue Mills-W.
New Jersey

The service Steve offers is not only personal—it is professional. I found that no detail was too small for him. Steve is someone I can continue to use and patronize his services.

Thank you Steve. I am sure to recommend you to my colleagues and friends.

Corey A., MBA
Orlando, Florida


As a 46-year old man looking for life insurance to fulfill an 11th hour requirement for a divorce settlement, it was scary to say the least. You took the worry out of the process to obtain my policy. My best interest was your main goal.

My experience with other agents had lead me to believe that "they are all the same." You proved that mind set to be incorrect. Thank you for the consistent communication throughout the application process. You proved to me that there still is hope for the insurance consumer. Thanks again, Steve!


Jimmy G.
New York

Steve Kobrin was extremely helpful in getting me the insurance I needed. The process was smooth and he was able to work with me where others were not able.

Jeff S.

My two previous attempts to get life insurance were such a hassle that I eventually gave up. One of those attempts was with a highly advertised on-line service. Their initial quotes were great, assuming you had no health conditions to contend with. Once we got into the details the process began to drag on, until I was eventually notified that they would not be able to insure me.

With the prospects of a family on the way, I had no choice but to continue the search. I came across Steve's site and got in touch with him.

Steve was very professional and courteous. He was able to provide me with the right coverage, at a fair price, that I could not seem to get anywhere else. I am much more comfortable now knowing that if anything happens to me my family will be taken care of.

Brian B.
New Jersey


I have to say I was very skeptical as to whether you would be able to obtain any sort of coverage for us, as the insurance clearinghouse we had worked with happily for many years said that getting a better policy now would be "hopeless".

It did take a few months for you to find a good plan for us, but that is because you really did your homework, learning about rare illnesses, studying medical records and searching for the plan we needed. Frankly, I am amazed that you stuck with the project.

You were able to get us a policy that was far better than our existing one, and with a much lower cost per thousand, too.

I think you are one of the finest insurance agents we have ever had the privilege of working with. Thank you!


Shelley E.

Thanks Steve!

After having been turned down not once, but twice for coverage, you went to bat for us with the insurance company and not only got us covered, but at a lower rate than we ever expected!!

It was a pleasure working with you! Thanks for all your hard work and hand holding through this arduous process!

Kim and Joe G.
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Steve is the way to go if you want to buy life insurance effectively and online, all without a hassle.

He helped me obtain a 20 year, $250,000 policy at a great price.........all via email. It was so convenient!!

J.D. M., Realtor
Tampa, Florida

Steve provides the highest level of service. He’s totally dedicated to getting results for his client.

I was grateful for his ability to remove obstacles from the process of getting insurance. I expected that I would be able to get insured (based on Steve’s confidence in his ability to get results).

My expectations were totally met. Steve stayed in constant communication throughout the entire process.

Jim E.


Thanks for all your efforts. This transaction was seamless and your actions demonstratively professional! I look forward to continuing to do business in the future.

D. M.

I was told by other agents that I could not be underwritten for life insurance due to my preexisting condition.

Steve Kobrin went the extra mile to help me obtain life insurance coverage when no other agent would try.

He was attentive and exceptionally knowledgeable about the industry. Steve's expertise helped me obtain coverage with a highly rated company giving me the peace of mind that insurance coverage brings. Thanks Steve.

Boston, Massachusetts


Your level of service is far better than any other brokers I had contacted. No matter when I needed service, you were available to me. You far exceeded my expectations. I got a better policy than I thought possible, at a better rate than I would have believed.

Your politeness and promptness are exceptional, and your diligence brought quick results. I will look to you first, for any future insurance needs I may have, and have already recommended your services to others.

Thanks, Steve !!

Linda S.

Steve Kobrin saved me almost $2,000 a year with the same coverage. Also, if he finds the same coverage at an even better rate, I trust he will inform me. I highly recommend him.

Pete B.
New Jersey


The level of service I received from you was outstanding. Where other agents had no interest in pursuing a policy for me due to a pre-existing condition, you went the extra mile to not only find a policy, but get me a great value.

Your work greatly exceeded my expectations. I was impressed with the constant communication that kept me updated every step of the way. You seemed to take a personal interest in securing me a policy and answered every question I had without fail.

I would definitely recommend you. I am 100% pleased with the service I received.

Judy W.

Dear Steve:

I want you to know how much we appreciate the outstanding service we have received from you and your company. Other insurance brokers we have used in the past were not as helpful, agreeable or as knowledgeable as you. You have exceeded our expectations.

Your prompt response whenever I had a question or a problem was a very professional and positive moving experience. I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Sincerely yours,

Rose M.
New Jersey


I came to you with very little expectation of obtaining the coverage I wanted at a rate I could live with and afford.

But, you gave me excellent personal and professional advice that resulted in my obtaining coverage for myself and my wife. Now I can rest easy knowing my family and newborn son are protected.

Your level of service and professionalism far exceeds the service I have seen from other insurance brokers I have worked with. I would urge anyone seeking insurance to talk to you, first.

Alex G.