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3 Reasons Why Working Yourself To the Bone is NOT Solving Your Financial Challenges 

by Angie Carlson |

Couples that have reached out for a complimentary conversation and became clients saw the actions they were taking on their own were not solving their money challenges.  They were tired of the money fights, stress, and anxiety.  The logical solution – earning more money – was not working.   

1.      You are looking at your situation like a math problem.   

Elementary math is simple.  Each equation has one and only one solution. 

INCOME – EXPENSES = _________________. 

On paper, this is greater than zero. 

Yet the financial tension still exists making your home another source of stress. 

2.      The stress you are under prevents results. 

After working a 12-hour day, you are exhausted. 

The exhaustion prevents you from making dinner, helping your spouse or attending your child’s event. 

Going to bed is another reminder that tomorrow is a repeat of today. 

3.      This is not a long-term solution. 

After months or years, your body will force you to cut back on hours, your job performance suffers or you can no longer do the job. 

Your financial math equation is still not working. 

What do you do at this point? 

Now is the time to speak to Carlson Financial Coaching about your situation. 

Enjoy your working years with the accomplishment of being the provider without the strain of working multiple jobs. 

More time with the kids while they live at home. 

Live in a home without money stress. 

The truth is your financial challenges are not a math problem to be solved. 

Schedule a complimentary conversation today to learn more. I help couples improve their communication around money so they become an unstoppable team breaking the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck once and for all.  As a result, we find the shared vision of their future.  The first step on that journey is to introduce yourself to me here:  https://calendly.com/carlsonfinancialcoaching/15min

Angie Carlson – Carlson Financial Coaching

Carlson Financial Coaching exists to help those going through life altering events – including a life ending diagnosis and/or the loss of a loved one – manage their finances during that transition.