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Are the Minds of Rich People Different Than Poor People?

Are the minds of rich people different than poor people?


But what is in those minds is drastically different.

The content of your mind makes a tremendous difference in how you lead your life.

You know the saying with regards to computers, “garbage in/garbage out?”

And with regards to diet, “you are what you eat?”

Well, when it comes to the world of finance, you financially reap what you mentally sow.

Your mind will lead you to the level of success for which you program it.

Libby Kane from Business Insider does a neat job summarizing the teachings from Thomas Corley’s book, “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.”

Here is my favorite:

They watch their waistline.
 “I count calories every day.”

Rich people who agree: 57%. 
Poor people who agree: 5%

Wealthy people value their health, says Corley. “One of the individuals in my study was about 68 and worth about $78 million. I asked why he didn’t retire, and he looked at me like I was from Mars. He said, ‘I’ve spent the last 45 years exercising every single day and watching what I eat because I knew the end of my career would be my biggest earning years.’ If he can extend his career four to five years beyond everyone else, that’s about $7 million for him.”

Check out Libby’s list. What is your favorite teaching?