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Budget for the Best Summer

by Amy Greene |

Your June Budget

It’s June and I am so ready for summer this year. We have our beach passes, swimsuits, boogie boards, beach chairs, and loads of sunscreen! The girls are registered for summer camps, and we’re planning a three-week trip to Georgia for what I’m calling “Camp Gigi!”
It’s going to be great, but we still have to plan our money to make sure we stay in line and reach our financial goals.

It’s time to get your June Budget up and running – it starts tomorrow! Are you ready?

Items to include in your June Budget:

  • Father’s Day
  • Graduations
  • Summer Vacations & Travel Expenses
  • Increased Utilities
  • New Student Loan Payment
  • Summer Activities, Fun, & Sunscreen
  • Christmas
  • What else would you add? Everyone’s budget is different as we all have different needs, goals, and priorities for our money. Just make sure you’re ready for the month of June and all the associated expenses!
Focus on One Thing

Many of my clients are so eager to get their money to a better place. They long to take a vacation, save for kids college or summer camps, to pay off debt and build their emergency, as well as do some work on the house and replace a vehicle.

All at once.

This is a set up for financial failure.

Money doesn’t move as fast as we’d like it to, and it most often doesn’t stretch into all the areas we want it to go to, either.

With intentional focus on ONE thing at a time, you’ll make faster progress. Want to save $1,000 starter emergency fund? Do nothing else until that’s done. Need to save for your upcoming summer trip? Focus on nothing else – all extra money goes to your trip before it can go elsewhere.

Now obviously you’ll still pay your bills, buy groceries, and cover your needs. However anything else that’s discretionary can wait until your goal is met.

Is this hard? Yes! But if it were easy we’d all be multi-millionaires.

You’re worthy of the discipline and hard work it takes to make your money behave.

And I promise you – it gets easier over time.

You’ll find that you need less, that your desires change, and that your priorities come into focus.

Once you start to make progress, your money mindset shifts, and you see that you actually can reach your money goals.

Stick with it, focus on one thing at a time, and let’s do this!

Transform Your Team

Do you work for, own, or operate a small company?

So many employees are struggling with money, and it translates into poor work performance and lowered profits. Your team is stressed out, possibly fighting with their spouse, and can’t seem to make enough money. Perhaps they are handling personal matters at work or are simply distracted with their money woes.

Helping your team learn ways to take control of their money will not only improve their personal finances, it will improve their work performance and therefore your bottom line.

If you’d like to learn more about creating a transformational experience, workshop, lunch and learn, or to discuss coaching for your team, let’s chat!

Stay focused on your goals, and don’t forget the sunscreen!