Chad Felix Greene, gay activist and media commentator, recently published an essay on the spectacle of provocative adult entertainers such as drag queens, conducting story hours for children at community libraries. His moral guidance is refreshing.

Here are some highlights:

Some entertainment is simply not suitable for children.

“The drag queen, a young man who goes under the name “Sasha Sota,” performs at gay night clubs and posts videos of his performances. He is not a comedian like legendary drag queen Bianca Del Rio. He does not perform as a character like the hilarious and iconic Trixie Mattel. He is a provocative adult entertainer, and as so many on the right have been screaming from the rooftops for years now, such entertainment is simply not for kids. Those that promote drag queens reading to small children nationwide seem intent on refusing to recognize this fact.”

Protecting the interests of children is not a hate crime against the LGBT community.

“The writer insists, “Anti-LGBTQ figures have regularly fearmongered and spread lies about Drag Queen Story Hour, a national program in which drag queens read children’s books to kids at libraries, schools, and bookstores.” By responding with knee-jerk reactions chanting “hate” and “anti-LGBT,” advocates of the program miss the point of the argument. Many people involved want the best for the children, but only those on the right are willing to act on those concerns.”

LGBT activists are taking things too far.

“A frustrating side-effect of leftist activism is a tendency to go overboard with idealistic initiatives. Rather than attempt to self-regulate these performances and set guidelines for organizations, performers, and parents, they take the opposite approach of a free-for-all. To set limits on the performances would be to acknowledge that conservatives are correct about the adult nature of the majority of LGBT culture and would therefore undermine their primary goal.”

Vindictive and spiteful displays undermine the efforts of the LGBT movement.

“LGBT activism insists on presenting the absolute extremes of the culture in a vindictive and spiteful display to provoke the right, and these activists seem to lack the awareness to understand the damage they are doing to themselves. While smugly mocking average Americans for disapproving of their avant-garde approach to entertainment and art, they undermine the efforts of the LGBT movement in all other areas.”

“They seem to love nothing more than involving children in these cultural stunts. The LGBT movement is no longer a bunch of wild and rebellious college students trying to shock their parents. We are adults now, and it’s time we take responsibility for our actions and ideas.”