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First a Temp – Now, Majority Shareholder!

Do you need people in your firm who can work their way up to the top? Who are grateful for an opportunity to grow, and will make the best of it? Who don’t feel they deserve anything but a chance to show how they can improve your bottom line? I know I am. Such people are the pillars of American business.

Renee Rodriguez is one of these great people. She was interviewed recently by Kate Taylor in Entrepreneur Magazine. In a snapshot, here is her story:

After graduating from the University of Southern Colorado, Renee Rodriquez turned to a local Express Employment Professionals franchise office for a temporary job until she could find permanent employment. However, the local Express owners realized there was something special about the temp and decided to hire her for their own office. Five years later, the franchise owners asked Rodriquez if she would like to be a partner in the business. Five years after that, once the original owners decided to sell, she became majority partner.

Take a moment to read the full interview. It’s not too long. It will restore your faith in the American Way. And you thought we were lost, didn’t you?!