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How Badly Do You Want To Be Financially Independent?

Let’s suppose you are going through a rough spot financially. It could be that you are self-employed and business is slow. Or, it could be that your employer is cutting back and you have to take a decrease in pay. Maybe you have been laid off, or have had to leave your job for pressing personal reasons.

Now let’s suppose that a benevolent person offers to help you out. It could be a relative, or a member of your religious congregation, or somebody prominent in the community. Let’s suppose he or she offers to pay all your living expenses for a year. What would your attitude be?

Here are three potential options. Which one would apply to you?

Option A: “I need to put bread on the table, so I will tuck in my pride and graciously take him up on the offer. I will cut back in my expenses. I will be very determined to get back on my own two feet even before the year is up.”

Option B: “I need the money, but I will not take any handouts. I will get by and make great sacrifices if I have to. There is no way I am going to let somebody pay my way, even for a limited period of time.”

Option C: “I am grateful for the help. I have been through a rough time. I will do what I can to get back to normal within a year; if it doesn’t happen, I will see if maybe he can extend his generosity a bit longer.”