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How Can You Be a Better Boss?

Leadership isn’t easy.

A lot goes into organizing and inspiring a team, overseeing and delegating tasks, and making course corrections in light of the results.

I think that we’ve all benefited a lot over the past decades from the increased numbers of women in executive and managerial positions across the country.

Words of Wisdom

While there’s much to be said (and debated) about the differences and similarities between the sexes, I think it’s safe to say that women have unique insights from their own experiences in the board room.

The staff at the British magazine Stylist collected words of wisdom from some of the most successful female bosses.

Here is one note I found very interesting:

In the 2013 book The Fall of the Alphas, author and American entrepreneur Dana Ardi says the traditional top-down, male dominated authoritarian leader is being replaced by a more collaborative and connected manager. She says that the best managers are learning to lead through the influence that comes from building collaboration rather than straight force or all out competition.

A High Cost

When you think about it, there is often a high cost that comes with being authoritarian, forceful, and very competitive.

It can over-load everything from your digestive system to your heart.

It can strain personal relationships and thereby cause additional stress.

And as common folk wisdom tells us…stress kills.

All these factors can result in higher rates for life insurance. However, a style of leadership built on collaboration and connection can avoid a lot of the mortality risks of being the “alpha male.”

Lower rates for life insurance could be just one of the many side benefits.