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How to Get Connected to Your World

What brings out the best in you?

A good outfit, so you are lookin’ good? Sure.

A good man, or are a good woman, who stands by you? No doubt.

A good job, so you can do your best work? That could certainly do it.

How about a mission – to bring out the best in everybody?! Now you’re talking.

A Great Mission Can Bring Out YOUR Greatness

This is exactly what Will Allen and his Growing Power organization are doing for people.

But it’s greatness in a humble way. In a connected way.

Through urban farming:

We all need to be part of something that can change our lives for the better.

We Each Have a Yearning to be Connected

We all know that growing your own food is healthier and cheaper than buying it. That is a given.

But Will is teaching us so much more!

  • Urban farming can feed people on a large scale. Growing Power feeds 10,000 people. This is not simply a little family farm.
  • People grow personally through self-reliance. If it is up to you, you must get out of bed and get it done. The farming life requires you to persevere through trial and tribulation.
  • A connectedness to the earth is spiritually uplifting. Handling fertile soil calms you down. It also gives you faith and trust that good things can happen.

Are You Financially Self-Reliant?

People need to take financial responsibility for their financial position in life.

It is easy to blame outside forces such as the economy, the market, and your stockbroker for bad things that happen.

True, there are external influences that present you with favorable or unfavorable circumstances.

But at the end of the day it is up to you to make lemonade out of lemons.

You Can be the Big Person

We always tell ourselves to be the big man or woman.

To do the right thing even though other people are not.

Certain activities can help us become that big person.

Urban farming is one of them.

The hands-on approach is a great way to get our food. It is also a great way to manage our money.

To be connected to our world.

Do you feel connected to your world? What can you do to get more connected?