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Let’s Get Back to Work

Did you have a great holiday vacation?

(I know I sure did!)

The truth is that it’s tough to get back to work after taking some well-deserved time off.

But getting your head back in the game – getting fired up about the work you do – can make the transition a lot easier.

What work is worth

Did you know that Pope Francis worked as a laborer from age 13 before joining the priesthood?

He is no stranger to the challenges of switching modes from “rest & relaxation” to “productivity.”

Paterno Esmaquel, writing for Rappler.com, collected some of Pope Francis’s comments about the value of hard work.

Here is one that really resonated with me:

3. ‘Culture of work, not of charity’ “What happens is that the unemployed, in their hours of solitude, feel miserable because they are not ‘earning their living.’ That’s why it’s very important that governments of all countries, through the relevant ministries and departments, cultivate a culture of work, not of charity.”

What’s your opinion?

Is our government doing a good job promoting a culture of work and not charity?

Insurance for the unemployed

By the way, the Pope’s point about unemployment brings up a good question about life insurance:

Is someone who is unemployed eligible for coverage?

A number of factors would be considered when an underwriter makes this determination:

  • Need for coverage. If there is no income to replace, what is the need for insurance? Final expenses might be one.  However, the face amount will be limited to a few thousand dollars
  • Reason for unemployment. Life insurance companies understand that some people could be between jobs. They may have been recently laid off, but the prospects for reemployment are good.   Somebody who is chronically unemployed, however, might have a harder time due, to concerns about ability to pay
  • Health. Pope Francis makes the astute observation that people who are unemployed are feel miserable. Not only that: they can be depressed and anxious. We all know what it is like to go through a hard time. It can take its toll on your entire well-being from head to toe. Any unfortunate medical problems that result would have to be taken into account when going through underwriting.