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Lifework Exercise: Who is a Martial Artist?

Lifework exercise: Who is a martial artist?

Assignment: define who is a martial artist, and decribe how you are one.

A martial artist is someone who does not want to fight, but will if he has to, and if he does, he will fight to win. Winning means “diffusing” their opponent’s will to fight. With some people that means physically deterring them; with others it means verbally persuading them to stop. With homicidal maniacs like terrorists, it could mean killing them. With still others it could mean encouraging them to grow spiritually.

In this way a martial artist is a “minster of peace”.

I have been a martial artist all my life. I have dealt with bullies and trouble-makers in my neighborhood, in different organizations, and even in business environments. I am surprised sometimes at how aggressive people can get even in so-called “civil” settings.

Sometimes I have called the authorities. Sometimes I have taken matter into my own hands. I have not had a fistfight since I was a kid, but I you just never know when you may have to get physical. At the same time, I believe that simply being ready, willing and able to take somebody on can go a long way toward diffusing the threat. People know when you mean business, and if they are smart, they will back off. I have had that happen to me.

But it is the dumb ones that you have to watch out for – and the dumb ones can sometimes be dangerous. That is why you have to continually upgrade your martial skills.