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Love and Understanding in Marriage

Are you looking for love?

Many people spend many years looking for “the one.”

Some people have a very clear, very definite mental image of the perfect person for them.

Some people have a desire to feel loved in a certain way – even if they haven’t felt that way before – and “just know” they’ll have met “the one” when they feel that way.

Some people believe that stars and planets will guide them to their soulmate.

Plenty of Potential “Ones”

Against this widespread search for “the one,” Paul Hudson, writing on Elite Daily, argues that people are looking for the wrong thing.

Hudson suggests that instead of looking for “the one” – instead of looking for love – people should be looking for someone who understands them.

Here is how he describes his approach:

There are plenty of potential “ones” out there — rather, you should look for someone who understands you. Someone who sees the real you. This is the hardest thing to find in life and arguably the most beautiful.

When you can look into someone’s eyes and see a glimpse into your own soul… it changes you.

Sources of Frustration

Interestingly, this idea has proven to be true in my experience working with couples who buy life insurance.

When one spouse – sometimes the woman – gets frustrated during the process, it is usually not because she feels unloved by her spouse…

…it’s because she feels she is not being understood. Her needs and wants for the survivor benefit need to be acknowledged, understood, and sufficiently addressed.