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My Life’s Accomplishments

Assignment: Write a wish list of 15 – 25 experiences or accomplishments that you will have by the end of your life… Don’t be afraid to dream.

I find this to be a very thought-provoking question. To give it my best answer, I am going to pretend that today is the last day of my life, and I am looking back and taking account – giving a personal testimonial of sorts.
I believe this technique will illustrate what is important to me in both direct and also subtle ways.

God has granted me a life of 120 years. I am grateful to now be free, in all ways.

I do not owe anybody anything. I have done my best to fulfill every commitment I have made. If I have disappointed anyone, please understand that I have just run out of time. I am hoping you understand that I would finish the job if I had the chance.

My bills are paid. If I have overlooked a financial obligation or two, my life insurance policy should cover them.

I have tried very hard to not hurt or offend anybody. A long time ago I realized that it is much harder – and yet much more important – to say “I am wrong” than to say “I am right”. I have constantly strived to be strong and admit my errors so I could grow. If anyone still has a claim against me, I ask their forgiveness.

I have been given the blessing of health. Even now, on my last day, I enjoy a balance physically and emotionally. My various drives are in harmony; none of them lead me to extreme behavior and immoderate living.

The thoughts I have are good and uplifting. Many times I do not think at all – I just “am”. The world seems a wondrous place, and I am glad to have been here.

I have completed the journey of becoming a man. My wife Debby has been my “ezer knegdo”, my true “partner in helpful opposition”. It is through our marriage that I have learned how to be a partner with the world.

Ever since I was a young child I have been dedicated to “doing the right thing”, in all aspects of life. I made it a priority to communicate this to Gil, and to Elana, and to the generations of children in our family. They have all become my pride and joy. You can truly say that the world has become a better place because of them.

When I was single I was living in one dimension emotionally; when I became married, I entered two dimensions; with generations of children, I have been in three. My feelings for them have grown deeper as my relationships with them have grown longer. At the same time, I have always had to “let them go” and treat them as the independent people they are. I have learned how to mature.

I have made my life a legacy to the teachings of my parents: love your children unconditionally; be independent; do everything in moderation; give your children a means of livelihood; plan your work and work your plan; be a mentsch (person of high standards); be pure in thought; attitude and habits are 90% of the ballgame; it’s “only” money; “life is sales” (from the point of view of needing to be to be your own best advocate); finding a job is itself a full-time job; know how to function, cope and survive.

About ninety-five years ago, when I was around twenty five years of age, I became interested in communal education. The idea of people coming together to learn of their heritage and traditional wisdom appealed to me greatly. My wife and I became lay teachers at this point, and we have been at it ever since. Our own religion has become very meaningful to us in the process; the spiritual traditions of other peoples have become important as well. I now feel closer to God than I ever have, because I have seen His wisdom from all angles.

I have had the privilege of a career dedicated to the public good. In its most basic role, life insurance takes care of the widows and orphans. It is our Biblical mandate to do so, and I am one of the fortunate few who has been able to fulfill this mandate with his job.

My business success has been very rewarding. In over fifty years of selling life insurance, I have helped thousands of people secure the finances of their families, businesses and favorite charities. My sales associates and I have sold well over $1 billion of policy benefits; in doing so, we have helped people and institutions remain independent and stay off of public assistance and communal welfare.

I passed the test of wealth. During the first half of my life I had no money, and I struggled hard to pay my bills. Yet throughout it all, nobody “missed a meal”. My father was always fond of saying this to my family during the leaner days of my childhood. In those days we kept perspective.

Later, in the second half of my life, I earned great wealth, and I still kept perspective. In His great wisdom God gave me riches when He knew I could handle them.

I have used my money chiefly to build a workplace of personal growth and business accomplishment for many, many people. The workplace houses my life insurance brokerage and provides these services:

* Seminars with expert guest speakers for clients, prospects and employees focusing on “Financial Wisdom” in its economic, political and cultural forms;

* “Professional Practice Development” programs for life insurance salespeople to help them become masters of their field, and dedicated to integrity, professionalism, and client service;

* Career tracks for employees via mentoring and based on the theme of “taking responsibility for your job and your life”;

* A “business development center” that serves as a base of operations for salespeople with the brokerage, as well as for local people who are looking for work, starting a business, or switching jobs;

* A “Business Operations Team Center” that promotes teamwork and organizational progress among our operations and admin staff;

* A “Lifecare Complex” that helps employees and business associates, as well as the local residents, incorporate health, wellness and growth into their daily work lives. The amenities include a day care center, playground and gym, healthy restaurants, offices for medical and health practitioners, a study and prayer facility, and a meditation/martial arts facility;

* A school in which children develop the mindset and skills needed for success in life and business: academic, spiritual, physical, business.

This workplace is now in the hands of my team of business executives and advisors. I hope they have as much fun with it as I have had.