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Praise for American Exceptionalism

It’s easy for us Americans to get down ourselves and forget how great we really are. I know that as a life insurance salesman, if I lose track of the unique value I bring to the table, I feel lost.

Nick Adams gave us all a pep talk in his speech at the Heritage Foundation yesterday. Nick is a political figure who served as the youngest deputy mayor in Australian history at age 21. Here is a quote:

“I’m here to give Americans optimism at a time where there are so many slumped shoulders. I must say that if I were an American, I would also feel that there is not much reason to be hopeful. I think it is indisputable that America is in decline as we speak. But decline, I believe, is a choice, it’s not a condition. Decline can be reversed. A lot of America’s current ailments are a result, I think, of policy failures. To use an Australian term, I think that America can boomerang provided that it re-embraces the values and the virtues of its founding principles and its history.”

Makes me feel better already. How about you? Happy birthday, America!