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Should Dads Stay At Home?

Caveat: I am not a marriage guru. I am simply a life insurance salesman who has worked with many, many couples in their financial planning. I have also been married for over thirty years to a woman with whom I find new magic every day! In these posts I share what I have learned. Please feel free to do the same.

The SAHD phenomenon (stay-at-home-dad) is gaining traction. It seems as if more and more men are choosing to stay home with the kids while their wives work. A number of factors seem to lead to this decision. Perhaps Dad has unfortunately lost his job, or must rebuild his career. Perhaps Mom earns more money. Perhaps both Mom and Dad want him to have a close relationship with the kids.

Personally speaking, I think a man needs to work. A lot of the male identity has to do with making something of yourself, with making your mark on the world. It has to do with being a provider and protector. Men are happiest when they can control their own fate and do something to change their circumstances. A happy man can make for a happy marriage.

But I can think of one set of circumstances in which it is imperative from a man to stay home. God forbid he loses his wife while the kids are still young. Those poor children have already lost their loving and caring mom; they need the time and attention of their dad now more than ever. They shouldn’t have to, in essence, lose their dad too, while he continues to work, and hires someone to care for them.

Kids are at a major life crossroads when they lose a parent. Their surviving mom or dad must prioritize their needs when this occurs. Make sure you have enough life insurance to stay home with those kids, so they can at least transition to the next stage of their lives feeling secure and confident that you are there for them.