When you hear the word, “spiritual,” what comes to mind? The concept of spirituality has taken on a wide variety of meanings, ranging from new age and esoteric to traditional religion to Eastern philosophy. The common theme running through all these examples is that of the human soul, something beyond the material and physical world we live in, and certainly something above the realm of money and finance, right?

Can Business and Spirituality Work Together?

But money and finance do not need to run counter to spirituality. At the very least, they don’t in my life. I have always tried to take a higher approach to business, focusing not just on the big sales, commissions, or the huge roster of clients. I want to balance the practical with doing good. When you die, no one will remember all your awards and certifications. Their eulogies will attest to the kind of person you were, the deeds you performed, and how your life impacted others.

This new series of articles will examine how spiritual growth can take place while you conduct business. We will discuss the spiritual practices I employ and am still in the process of researching to make my business activity a way of adding value to others and the world.

The Goal Of Spiritual Living

Everyone has their own objectives when pursuing spiritual practices. Some want to achieve a certain state of mind, of experiencing enlightenment or euphoria. Others want to harness specific “powers” or “energies.” These may be well and good, but I see these pursuits as means to an end, not an end in and of themselves. What good is it to become more evolved if the world doesn’t become a better place as a result?

Spirituality has been closely linked to success in life and world-class performance. In his book, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, success guru Steve Siebold points out that champions have tremendous faith:

“Faith in God, a higher power, or an infinite intelligence is … a trait of many champions. There are atheists who are tremendous performers, yet as a rule, there seems to be a connection between professional performers and the spiritual side of life. Many pros draw a tremendous energy and power from a deep faith in a greater force. In recent years, many who were turned off by fear-based organized religions in their childhood have turned to new-thought churches and centers…Whatever the source of their spiritual faith, world-class performers do tend to hold strong spiritual convictions.” (1) (89)

I firmly believe that my spiritual convictions raise my work to a higher level of excellence. As we enter this series, I am very excited to explore the connection between the spiritual and the material, in the world of business and particularly in the selling of life insurance. Have you seen this philosophy in action in your life or in those around you? Share your thoughts with me. I hope you join me on this journey.


(1) Siebold, Steve. 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class. 3rd ed. London House Press, 2010.