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“The prequalification process was easy. Directions for the paperwork were simple to follow. The health examiner was on time, friendly, and helpful. I appreciate that the results from the lab work were forwarded to us so that we were able to share the information with our physician.

Just to get an idea of what other options were available to us, I went to an insurance web site that guaranteed lowest prices. I found that we were quoted the same price you quoted. Nice to know we could work with a person, rather than a web site, and not pay more.

You kept us informed throughout the process. You tried to find out what our needs are, and tailor a policy to fit those needs. You cautioned us to make sure we did not cancel our insurance until we were covered by the new policy.

I have not had much experience working with insurance brokers. I can say you were never pushy. I never felt like I was being talked into something. You tried to explain options and go from there.”