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Charles V.

“I am a 48-year old father of three, who clearly needed life insurance with a high face value. I had a problem with elevated blood lipids (triglycerides) and some liver enzymes. Blood work revealed it was most likely genetic. I had been turned down by several carriers and surcharged so high by my own union carrier that I could not afford the coverage.

I found Steve on the internet by putting in the key words “elevated liver enzymes.” How lucky I was that day! Steve worked with me, or really coached me during the entire process from application to medical and finally to policy review and acceptance.

I ended up getting a $500,000 policy at a price I never even heard the other carriers mention. My family can rest secure in knowing I have a 15 year policy that will protect them through the most formative and critical years of their lives.

Anytime I hear people talk about life insurance problems, I e-mail them the next day with Steve’s website. As far as I’m concerned Steve doesn’t sell life insurance. He sells a product that guarantees my wife and children food, clothing, our home, their schools, their neighborhood friends, Christmas gifts and most importantly a loving legacy from their father who can now sleep soundly with that peace of mind.

Thank you Steve, for the gift of peace.”