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Donald L.

“I want to let you know how much I appreciated your perseverance in acquiring a Life Insurance Policy.

As you know, I was faced with an Insurance Policy that had escalating premiums, and I would not be able to afford them in the future. I sought out and was told by several Insurance Brokers that they would not be able to help me because of my health history. One even told me that no one in the country would consider insuring me at this time.

I don’t know how you did it, but you did!

You were always positive about being able to help me, and you asked for only honest answers. It was frustrating at times, but you were always accessible to talk with and always encouraging in our conversations.

The prequalification process took some time to complete. However, it was worth it.

To those persons that may read this letter, my earnest advice to you is to call Steve! You will be surprised what he can do for you. And I would encourage you to complete the questionnaire, and to be very detailed and honest in your answers.

Steve, I’m very thankful that Johnny Watts referred me to you. And I would have no problem in referring individuals to you.”