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“I am a recovering alcoholic and a recovering drug addict.

During the years of my using, I had found myself in legal trouble (domestic problems as a result of the alcohol and drug use) and with a criminal record (originally a felony, but fortunately a charge that was pled out in a plea bargain agreement to a Class-A misdemeanor). I had acquired a criminal background and about 16 years of on-again and off-again drug use and alcohol use. Oh, I forgot to mention that lifelong depression and anxiety were also a huge part of my life and medical history.

Today, I have four years sobriety, have a great job, have been stable, have attended meetings, have a sponsor, and have worked the steps. I was completely honest on my life insurance applications, but I could not find a company willing to take a risk on insuring my life. Being uninsurable seemed to be yet another consequence of my prior choices — or so I thought.

After being declined several times by “top” life insurance companies, I almost gave up hope. Both my fellow recovering companions and most of the research I’d done revealed that I might be uninsurable for up to ten years.

I was discouraged with the statistics. But I had worked hard to achieve my sobriety and rebuild my life. The bottom line is that I believed in me, and I had faith that my hard work and commitment to recovery would pay off in terms of getting what I believed I deserved.

And getting life insurance was a large part of the financial planning necessary to completely rebuild my life — to ensure a future for my children — maybe as a way to make up to them some of the wrongs I’d done them — so they would have no additional worries or concerns in the event that I should pass away while they were trying to establish their lives. I felt it was the least that I could do, as part of my amends to them.

Being stubborn and determined (I’ve slowly learned to turn these into positive traits), I decided to continue my search for someone — a company that would be willing to take a chance on me in recovery.

I “googled” high risk insurance and stumbled upon Steve Kobrin’s company. Reading some of the testimonials of those who had become insured, I was encouraged to apply.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being rigorously honest in the application process and of being patient with the process. Fortunately, my recovery program taught me the principle of being patient and that good things come to those who wait.

Many times during this waiting period I became discouraged, but Steve never became frustrated or impatient with me. He was an awesome cheerleader and gave me the pep talk and encouragement to stick with it.

I did stick with it. And I am now insured at a rate that — although higher than a rate for someone who is an average risk — is not unreasonable given my circumstances. I could not have done this without Steve. I honestly don’t think I would own a life insurance policy today, were it not for him.

Thank you, Steven, for your wonderful skills, attitude, and knowledge of this specialized field, as well as your knowledgeable staff!

I am grateful to you.”