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Uyenthi T.

“The prequalification process was very helpful because I knew that there was an insurance company out there that would cover people with illnesses. It was also helpful to know what the monthly premiums was going to be. It’s a great process!

Steve called and he made sure he was there to help me, no matter what. At first I was a little hesitant giving him my personal information, but then I didn’t have anything to lose. Steve assured me that I would get life insurance, one way or another.

Steve’s customer service was exceptional. He phoned and emailed me to let me know what’s going on. When we would hit a snag, he would tell me what I needed to do to get the process going again. I thought I would never get life insurance, but Steve came through and told me that I was covered.

The difference between working with Steve and others is that Steve wants to help you get covered. Once others find you have an illness, their answer was sorry, nothing else we can do.

I will forever be grateful for Steve for helping me out.”