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The Afro-Tech Revolution

Welcome to Uganda.

Civil war. Crushing Poverty. Rampant disease.

Can you imagine living in these conditions?

For young industrial innovators and technological disruptors in Africa, this is what they have to work with.

And the results are pretty astounding:

Healthcare on your smartphone

I think the American healthcare industry could use some smartphone innovation.

Did you know that one of the big reasons why people can’t buy life insurance is that they fail to carry through on follow-ups prescribed by their doctor?

For some people it’s a follow up on their liver enzyme levels. For others, it’s monitoring their blood sugar.

Sometimes even people with heart surgery failed to get a check-up!

When they apply for life insurance and their medical records are reviewed by a carrier, this unfinished business works against them.

The underwriter doesn’t know if the situation is stable, better, or worse. So he can’t make an offer.

My thinking is that if people had an app on their smart phone that urged them to get the tests they need at the time they need them — as well as what the desired results should be — they could very well better comply with their treatment program…

…and therefore be eligible for life insurance at a very reasonable price.

What do you think? Would this type of app work for you?