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The “New” Normal

Are your kids “normal?”

I hope not.

Being “normal” (i.e like everyone else) is really not most important to kids (or for that matter, to adults).

Being accepted for who they are – especially their differences – is key.

How do you know?

Just ask the handicapped children using 3D arms from the Collective Project.

Being ALL They Can Be

Check out this short video about the 3D printing techonology of this cutting-edge group:


This wonderful medical technology is helping these kids people realize their potential even with severe physical handicaps.

They used to be the kids on the outside – ostrasized and alienated. Now they are COOL,

There is Hope for Everyone

Big surprise, right?

Here we thought that kids just want to be like everyone else.

Well, if  you do not have an arm, then you won’t ever be like everyone else.

…So then what?

Well – you can still be YOU with the help of technology like this.

There are some big takeaways here:

  • People want to express themselves in their own way. Technology can help them do that.
  • Technology can be an artistic medium! 3D printing technology in particular can help people “be” themselves with joy and exuberance.
  • The scientific and political communities can be very benevolent. The folks at the Collective Project are trying to make these 3D arms available for handicapped children at no cost to the parents.

Let Them Be

It is so hard to let our children be themselves, especially when they have handicaps.

We always want to mold them in our image.

Am I right?

How do you keep yourself from trying to mold the kids under your care, in your own image?