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The Preservation of Your Good Name

What is it that can last forever and still be considered yours?

It is not your possessions. It is not your properties, your businesses, or your investments. These all will be taken by interested parties, both governmental and private, when your estate is settled.

It is not the memories of you. It is not the experiences you have had with others, including family, friends and colleagues. Although these cannot be taken by any outside party, they are not yours – they are held by the people whose time you have shared.

It is, actually, your good name. What you stood for in your life is something that can stand forever. Think of all the people we hold as heroes and role models. You can go back through American history, and choose past patriots and presidents. You can trace your spiritual heritage and identify great teachers and enlightened people. The values that these people upheld preserve their names forever.

In this vein, the purchase of life insurance is all about preserving your good name. The money that you arrange for your family, your business, and your favorite charity is what can cast you as a hero when your days end. The amount of that benefit will certainly be important; of more significance will be the reputation you earn as a caring and giving person.

Many of us are disgusted with the libel, slander, and ridicule in today’s airwaves. Politicians, pundits, and reporters all conspire to strip their adversaries of any good qualities. They lie and exaggerate to destroy the reputation of a political foe.

Here is one major media personality who has been committed to preserving the good name of people throughout his long career. He puts to shame the people who throw ethics and morals to the wind to meet their political ends.