I’ll tell you what I don’t want when it comes to medical insurance:

I don’t want the federal government taking over the entire marketplace just to make sure a small percentage of the population has coverage. The vast majority of people financially and medically qualify for a private plan, either individually or through their employer. Those who don’t can get covered through some kind of public/private partnership. You don’t have to regulate 95% of consumers just to provide for 5%.

I don’t want bureaucrats managing even more of the economy than they do now. The size of the national debt is roughly the same amount as entitlements that have been passed out over the last few decades. These people are incompetent, and responsibility should be taken away from them, not more given to them.

I don’t want corrupt politicians having access to people’s personal health information. There is too much collusion between government and industry. I don’t want pharmaceutical companies and other manufacturers to know which of us have depression, which have diabetes, etc.

I don’t want ideologues controlling the allocation of medical treatment. Some amoral technocrat who believes that elder people are “disposable,” should not have the power to take benefits away from them in favor of younger, more “productive” people.

And I don’t like the political elite taking our money and giving themselves rich benefits while they force us to settle for less – and penalize us if we don’t. This is probably the most un-American aspect of this crusade to nationalize health care.