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What If a Woman Managed Your Money?

Does gender still play a role in the financial world? People tend to think that gender stereotypes are old-fashioned, and are the hallmarks of prior generations. People feel we are now past that.

Yet, do you know what is typically the second consideration in life insurance underwriting, after the age of the potential applicant? It is gender. The fact of the matter is that the mortality of men and women is different; therefore, the pricing for each is different. All things being equal, a woman will receive a lower rate than a man.

Mortality is one factual area of data upon which we can differentiate between the sexes. However, many myths and legends still abound in the financial world. Economist and journalist Brian Bloch tackles a few of them in his recent article in Investopedia. Here are some of the questions he addresses:

Is it really true that women are more risk adverse than men? Do female portfolio managers employ strategies that are different from their male counterparts? Why do less women apply for jobs in financial services than men?

Check out his entire report. It is a short read. It might help you look differently at the women you know who are professionals in a financial field – especially if one of them is your wife.