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Am I Insurable After So Many Painkillers?

I used to have a problem with taking a lot of painkillers. Buprenorphine helped me with that and I’ve been bupe-free for about a year now…but now I’ve got THAT in my patient history! I haven’t used anything “questionable” in over three years – nothing illegal, nothing legitimately prescribed but taken irresponsibly, and nothing that wasn’t prescribed by a doctor. I’m clean as a whistle and I work out almost daily. I need another $500k in coverage but I’m afraid that no life insurance company will even look at me because of my history with painkillers. Does this ever change? What can I do to make myself a better candidate for life insurance? 


Based on what you are saying, you are certainly insurable at this time. Your recovery and current lifestyle can work very much in your favor. Your workout regimen should give you very good lab results, as well as a favorable height/weight ratio. Three years sober is a good amount of time to give the right company a comfort level with you. Be sure to disclose everything about your past. It should not disqualify you for coverage. Considering the progress you have made, it will make your success stand out!

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