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Are You a Wise Guy?

Wise guys are too smart for their own good, right?

They know too much. They cop a certain attitude that makes them obnoxious.

In fact…you probably know too many people like this.

Where do they get off being such smart-alecks?

The funny thing is, a lot of what they say is true…

It’s just that the way they say it turns people off so much, that nobody treats them seriously.

And that’s too bad, because we could probably benefit from their “wisdom.”

Grandpa knows best

In his Meditations (I.1), Marcus Aurelius says this:

My grandfather, Verus: Character and self-control.

My interpretation is that Aurelius is crediting his grandfather with having helped him build the character needed to gain self-control.

What can we learn from this?

That having strong relationships with grandparents, parents, and other older relatives and family friends can help you gain wisdom.

But you know what is neat here?

It’s not just what you learn, but how you learn it, that makes you wise.

Learning at the knees of your elders makes you more respectful.

You feel truly “privileged.” Not in the sense of  entitlement but in the sense of appreciating that you have been given something special to hold dear.

Test of time

Too often people think they know something because they intellectually understand it.

…but that is only the tip if the iceberg.

You really know something if its truth has passed the test of time.

If your parent of grandparent shares their knowledge with you, then that knowledge has passed the test of their lifetime.

It is already being delivered to you with a certain amount of truth.

Of course, people are different. What was true for your mother or grandmother may not be true for you, completely.

But a grain of it still probably applies to you. With the right relationship, the two of you can sort it out together.

The relationship you have with your elder, with your wise person, is the key to benefiting from their wisdom.

For example:

  • We all know the importance of controlling our emotions and behaviors. How do we do it? Our elder parents can teach us. How did they succeed? How did they fail? We can learn from their mistakes as much as from their accomplishments.
  • What worked for our parents and grandparents may not necessarily work for us. However, since they know us and care about us, they can help us apply what they know in ways that work for us. They have our best interest at heart. We should be able to rely on them to give us the “perspective from outside ourselves” that we need to find areas for improvement.
  • To benefit from the wisdom of our elders, we need to have relationships with them. We must actively seek to interact with them and build a solid communication. We need to just talk. It’s this “shmoozing” factor that builds the trust and affection that is key to “getting it.”

Financial wisdom

You know what?

It’s the same with learning from your financial advisor.

Many of us are here to teach you. But we need a strong relationship with you in order to advise what is best for you.

Even something as “mundane” as choosing between term and permanent insurance requires wisdom.

If you and I can communicate well enough, then I can help you feel how special and important that decision is.

As it was for me.

Do you feel privileged to know what you know about life insurance, and your finances in general?