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Are You An “Economic Patriot?”

When my clients buy life insurance, they are always looking for a good deal. Even when they get a good deal, they look for a better deal further on down the road. And if they qualify for a better rate at that point, I am happy to oblige them.

People are always looking for good deals. It’s the American way to get the best value for your dollar. It’s also the American way to provide the best value for your dollar. As a matter of fact, it would be un-American to not get the best value for your dollar. When onerous taxation gets in the way of that pursuit, it is the law that should be questioned, not the motivation of the people in business.

That brings us to the president’s current war on corporations who seek favorable tax treatment overseas. He has gone as far as to challenge their patriotism. Of course, if he took a better look at how the United States compares against other countries with regards to business taxation, he might hold back on his class warfare rhetoric.

J.D. Tuccille of Reason Magazine does a fine job of making this point in his recent post. He shows clearly how corporations, just like anybody else, deserve the opportunity to get a good deal. The patriotic thing for the government to do is to provide them with that opportunity.

Take a look at his post. It’s a short read. Do you agree?