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Are You Dressed For Success, Or Failure?

Dress is important in business. First impressions go a long way. We have split seconds to encourage or discourage people to work with us. This is especially true with life insurance sales people. People could be ready to commit a significant portion of their budget to the products and services we provide. They need to trust us right off the bat.

When I first got into the business, “dressing for success” was the way to go. No deviation. I remember one of the top producers in our agency once wore a turtleneck to the office, instead of the standard white shirt, dark suit, and power tie. The agency manager had a fit.

But even the staid financial services industry has loosened up a bit. These days, we have to resist the trend to loosen up too much. We are living in times in which anything goes, and that includes clothes – or the lack thereof. The work environment can easily become too informal, and morale and productivity can suffer.

Here’s a quick list for you of common dress code violations. They serve as an important reminder that looking your best is key to doing your best. Tell me what you think of the list. Does your workplace have any of these problems?