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Are you both clock blockers?

by Angie Carlson |

Clock blockers delay decisions, blocking their progress on what they know.

How does clock blocking show up in your financial decisions?

You both said you’d talk about money once you were married. You blink, and you’re “celebrating” your 10-year wedding anniversary. And that conversation? Still hasn’t happened.

You had that money conversation and agreed to be debt free. Couldn’t decide on the “right” debt to pay off first. Paid nothing off early. Continued to borrow because “we can’t win with money.”

You both despised risk. After decades, you have nearly a million in savings. You kept your money safe – but at what cost?

These reminders are painful – because you know you can’t get that time back.

Here’s the thing – you’ve already paid a HIGH PRICE for clock blocking.

Another decade (or more) will pass of not knowing where your money goes.

“We can’t win with money” will continue to be the financial story (aka lie) you both believe when the real issue was neither of you could agree on which debt to start with.

That thought of keeping our money safe may have been the riskiest decision of all.

How much has clock blocking already cost you?




And if you don’t address it TODAY the price will keep going up

What’s the solution?

To identify your clock block(s) and resolve them.

Because clock blocks are not about the money in the bank account.

Clock blocks are the decisions you make with the money you have.

And as part of a couple who spent a decade clock blocked with our financial results – and then saw epic results in 6 years – I’m the perfect person to help you get unstuck.

My method, Agree & Achieve, turns clock blockers into fast action takers that are focused on winning with their money.

No matter what has or will come their way.

And what happens when you work with me and my Agree & Achieve Method?

~ G & K went from struggling to have a money conversation while living paycheck-to-paycheck and then paid off over $35,000 of debt in less than 120 days.

~ Jade went from feeling overwhelmed with money to having her net worth increase $175,000 in 7 months.

~ Another couple paid off over $20,000 in debt in 5 months

You can keep paying the price for being clock blocked.

Or I can be your wing woman.

Choice is yours.