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How my client’s job loss ACCELERATED their path to being debt free

by Angie Carlson |

Imagine losing your job…

Reviewing all of your financial information…

And seeing MORE money than you had before.

This happened to one of my clients.

How is that possible?

Well, let me share a little bit about their initial thoughts on the job loss.

The wife – “We live paycheck to paycheck.”

The husband – “Well, this is just ANOTHER financial hit.”

Thoughts that made sense to them – because that has been their experience every single time their finances didn’t go to plan.

But these thoughts only encouraged their insecurities around their abilities to manage their money.

And as a couple, they had felt discouraged when it came to talking about handling the financially unexpected.

Not ideal, right?

Thankfully, they had decided to work with me prior to this job loss happening.

And working with me was the opportunity to prove to each other that this setback would be a comeback.

Not only in their finances but in their money communication and togetherness as a couple.

Because what they saw as financial STRESS…

… I saw it as a financial BLESSING.

An opportunity to get super clear on what they wanted their financial future to look like.

And what happened?

They started to see blessings EVERYWHERE.

Blessings like:

Getting that boss from hell out of their life

Working with me to find their path to live on ONE INCOME while having EXTRA to put on debt

Seeing how the decisions they made in the past kept them stuck where they are – and know that they will NEVER make them again.

And I just found out at our session Friday night that she accepted a position that pays MORE than her old one.

Now, they will have





To put towards their financial goals.

And you know what happens when you can put one income completely towards your future goals?

You can pay your debt…

Save for emergencies…

Fill that 401k…

Pay off your house…

Start taking that vacation you’ve been dreaming about…

THAT is how a job loss can ACCELERATE your path to being debt free.

A lesson they would have missed altogether if this didn’t happen while working with me.

This is why you need me as your coach in your corner.

“I’m thankful for you (Angie) because without you I wouldn’t see the other side of it (job loss).”

I see what you can’t.

Coach you to YOUR shared definition of financial success.

Because your season of dollar dilemmas are never worth having your dreams delayed.

Angie Carlson – Carlson Financial Coaching

I help couples that struggle to communicate about money go from overwhelmed to heard and respected so that they can live out their ideal, shared future without financial stress.  The first step on that journey is to introduce yourself to me here.