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Growing Your Money Mindsets, Confidence, and Bank Accounts

by Tracy Latona

This is often the biggest money fear.

And it doesn’t matter your age.

It’s the fear of not having enough in retirement.

That the money will run out, or you’ll never be able to stop working.

When you think of having enough money for your golden years, what emotions come up for you?

Do you feel peaceful and relaxed, or do you want to puke?

I’ll tell you a secret.

It was a big concern of mine, too.

And I’ll share with you what I did so it no longer takes up residence in my thoughts like a bad neighbor blasting music at 3a.m.

When I was an EMT, I worked for a private ambulance company.

Most of my job was taking the well seasoned back to the nursing home from the hospital.

I’ll admit, there were many places where I’d rather be taken back behind the woodshed to meet Jesus than live there.

But it was all the patients could afford, relying on Medicare or their family’s financial support for their needed care.

Then, one day we took a lady to the NICEST place I’ve ever seen.

I’m talking Buckingham Palace compared to regular nursing homes.

The grounds were beautiful, the building was clean and smelled nice, the rooms were spacious, and the staff actually smiled at us.

I commented on how nice it was to my patient.

And she said something that struck 26 year old Tracy upside the head, and stayed with me ever since.

“My husband and I just managed our money well.”

That’s when I decided to take being a good steward seriously…

…so I could have choices when retired as to where I would end up, in addition to being wildly generous.

I focused on intentionality with money to make it grow through budgeting.

I stayed out of debt so I could keep more income to work for me and my future.

I started saving 3-6 months of expenses in case I got hurt and couldn’t work.

After that, I could comfortably set aside enough to invest so that I could retire with options in the last few decades of my life, while still being able to enjoy the present.

And this is the roadmap and support my clients get who are stressed about money and want to retire with dignity.

-Creating structure and organization for your money through a budget and money roadmap so you know where it’s going instead of wondering where it went to stop stress

-Igniting a vision of what you want your future and finances to look like, to create bite sized goals to stay motivated

-Transforming how you think and feel about money so you ignite new mindsets, habits and behaviors that last long term, so you can build wealth and live generously

I don’t do investments or financial planning.

I help you with your behavior with money, so you have the cash flow needed to invest and work with a financial advisor.

If this is the support you’ve been looking for, set up a Money Strategy Session.

We will discover if working together is a good fit to accelerate your timeline to build wealth to be generous, stop money stress, and have cash flow to invest so you can retire with dignity!