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Neither Of You Had Doubts When You Did This

by Angie Carlson |

Each of you had zero doubts you married your person.


You both wonder if you missed something before you said “I do.”

Because money is the most stressful part of your marriage.

And neither of you have no idea how your relationship got to this point.

While dating, you both enjoyed cheering each other on the consumer debt-free journey.

Celebrating when each one of you paid off the debt.

Committing to your shared financial vision before your wedding vows.

Even though you both remain consumer debt-free today…

… this money thing just isn’t working.

Looking back on your individual journeys to pay off debt, you notice…

… your spouse loves taking hours to find $50 more to put to the goal while you’d rather celebrate all you accomplished instead of feeling like your best effort isn’t good enough.

… your spouse loves setting aggressive goals – and beating them, you’d rather focus on actually getting where you’re going instead of obsessing over how and when to get there.

The truth?

Neither of you is wrong.

Your approaches are just different.

It feels unsafe for each of you to just go all in on what the other one did because it didn’t work – for you.

That’s why your money conversations are spent on all of the ways your approach is better…

… instead of all of the ways your approaches can actually compliment each other and

… instead of where you agree.

And you both agree that:

  • you love being debt-free
  • handling money together isn’t working
  • you enjoyed cheering each other on

And though you’d NEVER say this aloud, you’re curious if your spouse also has moments where they wonder if “I do” is on the path to “what if I can’t.”

This is not OK.

Because there is a third way.

Finding & agreeing on the shared path that makes it possible to reach your financial goals even faster.

This is what I coach my clients on.

The shared plan is so important it’s one of the steps in my Agree & Achieve Method.

It allows both of you to go from feeling frustrated and doubtful about ever agreeing on money to feeling the love and trust for each other in your money decisions.

While reaching them faster than what either one of you did on your own.

Imagine this being your reality by 2025.

Hire me to make it happen.