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Are You the Last of the Big-Time Spenders?

Could you spend $1 billion?


Let’s assume you have it in your pocket right now.

(Feels good, doesn’t it? Kind of bulky. But we’ll take care of that…)

Oh, and here are the rules:

Can’t donate it, and can’t invest it.

You have to spend it.

Takes some really big dreaming, doesn’t it?

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

LaTisha Styles has issued this exact challenge on Youngfinances.com.

“”My fiancé…argued that no one could easily spend one billion dollars without wasting money.
I disagreed, stating that I could spend one billion dollars easily.
So he came up with a challenge.
The challenge is this. Spend one billion dollars. Every single cent.
The conditions: I have to spend it on myself. No donating, no buying investments, none of that. I mean, if I made one billion dollars the first time, starting from zero, I could certainly make it again.
Donald Trump is living proof. He has been bankrupt and earned it all back and more.
Richard Pryor’s character in the movie Brewster’s Millions faced a similar challenge. He had to spend a $30 million inheritance in 30 days.
Faced with this challenge, someone who has never had that much money would find it difficult to figure out how to spend it.
I disagree. I think I could spend one billion.
Once I started looking for ways to spend one billion dollars, I realized that I had to dream big. Really big.””

For sure, to make big money – and to spend big money – you have to think big about money.

Here’s the secret:

Our definition of ourselves, and what is possible for us, limits what we achieve in life.

If we think we can handle $1 billion, odds are we will get it.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Conventional wisdom says, “You achieve wealth and success by visualizing the end results.”

True. But there is more to it than that.

To really make it big, a few other items need to fall in place:

  • Anybody can give be successful. Age, experience, and resources, can either be liabilities or assets, depending on your outlook. Success takes good ideas that can solve people’s problems, and the determination to stick with them.
  • You can’t take it with you. You can certainly spend a boatload of money on fancy toys. However, there will always be a fancier toy to buy next year. Why chase the glitter when the glitter doesn’t last?
  • The best pleasures lie in helping others. Can you imagine having the money to rebuild an entire town after a hurricane or flood strikes? How about setting up a food kitchen to feed the homeless people in an entire city for a year? Or maybe approaching some Third World dictator and literally ransoming 100,000 people to freedom?

Are You Ready to do Good?

In the final analysis, wealth and success are not hard to achieve.

They take doing the right things, for the right amount of time, and in the right way.

The key is making yourself worthy of that wealth and success.

For when they come to you, you need to be prepared to do good things with them.

Are you ready for your success? What will you do when you get it?