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“Can My Child Get Life Insurance – Without Vaccinations?”

Epidemic and pandemics are of great concern to life insurance companies. Diseases that can significantly increase the probability of early death or disability are watched like oncoming cyclones. Emerging cultural attitudes and changes in public medical policy are noted for their impact on the health – and insurability – of the population.  A good example of this is the current issue surrounding vaccinations.

The hot debate about vaccinations has become very interesting, spurring many questions: Will so many people opt out that dangerous diseases become widespread? Will enough people opt in so that the number of people that do become infected has minimal impact? Must the government take charge and force people to comply?

Reason magazine has a superb debate here on the topic, “Should vaccines be mandatory?” It shows all sides of the arguments surrounding vaccinations.

This issue is personal to me. I have a family relative who contracted polio as a child. Thankfully, he beat it and grew to live a long life as an able-bodied adult. He was one of the fortunate children who survived. As recently as sixty years ago, thousands of children per year died from this most-feared disease. But in 1955, the US began widespread vaccinations. By 1979, the disease had been virtually eliminated.

It is worth mentioning that measles are making a comeback, especially among groups who do not get vaccinations due to religious or philosophical beliefs.

The lack of vaccinations against serious disease is an important factor to consider in the health, longevity, and insurability of our children.

What do you think is best for your children?