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Can Philosophy Bring Wisdom?

Most people respect wise people – but never figure out how they became wise. While not every philosopher is truly wise, the practice of philosophy is very important to developing wisdom in life.

Patrick Allan from Lifehacker shares five ways in which philosophy brings you closer to wisdom.

Here is my favorite:

We sometimes lose perspective: So many things in our world are much bigger than we are. We spend our days concerned with what we have and what we want, but philosophy helps us gain perspective and see the big picture.

Which is your favorite way in which philosophy brings you closer to wisdom?

By the Way…

We life insurance sales people must take a philosophic approach to life to effectively serve our clients.

After all, the men and women who buy life insurance from us must confront their own mortality in order to make the purchase meaningful. It’s our job to coach them so they feel comfortable addressing issues which by nature are distressing and discomforting.