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Is Your Husband Trainable?

Check out Tracy Moore’s post in Jezebel about “training men for marriage”. She reacts rather strongly to the comments President Obama recently made on the topic. Her essay mentions the remarks this way:

Obama recently joked to a newly married woman that it takes 10 years to train a man properly for marriage, and patience is required.

(Note: I happen to like Tracy’s point of view but I don’t appreciate the vulgarity. Please close one eye when you read her:)

Here is my reaction to her reaction:

1. Yes, men have to grow up on their own, as all people do. Nobody can make us mature. By the same token, one of the vital functions of marriage is for each partner to serve as a “helpmate-in-opposition” (Biblical reference) for the other. We need our spouse to give us the advice, counsel – and yes, criticism – that would benefit us.

2. Sharing household chores just for the sake of “equality” does not solve deeper martial problems. Men and women deserve equal treatment simply as human beings. If a husband takes advantage of his wife, or bullies her into doing work she does not want to do, then they have a relationship issue. The goal should be to resolve that – not to merely get him to mop the floor more often.

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