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Champions Buy Life Insurance to Keep Their Dreams Alive

“Champions have an immense capacity for sustained concentration.” (1)

Mental toughness expert Steve Siebold describes how champion performers are literally living their dream 24/7:

World-class performers invest an inordinate amount of time and energy in selecting their major goals… When the goals are set, champions put mental blinders on and move forward with dogged persistence and ferocious tenacity. World-class performers create such an intense level of concentration to overcome challenges and achieve goals that it is the last thing they think about before they fall asleep, and the first thing that hits them when they wake up.

We all have seen multiple examples of what he means. Champions have achieved great things in every field of endeavor: business. Science. Athletics. They have become experts at making their dreams a reality. These dreams have improved the lives of countless other people – their families, their businesses, their communities. Numerous charities.

Does the dream die with them when they pass away? Many times it does not. One reason is because they buy life insurance, to financially fuel the fire in the next generation of dreamers. Their legacy – their achievements, standards, and principles – inspires their heirs to carry the dream on. The survivor benefit provides the money to make those dreams come alive.

(1) Steve Siebold, “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class,” London House, p 26