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Chiropractors and Your Marriage

by Angela Carlson |

What do two chiropractors have in common with your marriage?

Each chiropractor has tools, temperament, and techniques that make their approaches unique and effective.

Clients love their style and continue to come back.

In your marriage, each individual has the tools, temperament, and techniques that make their approach unique and effective.

The difference?

Each chiropractor has to work alone.

The married couple has to work as a team!

What worked as an individual does not work in a team environment!

If you are married and don’t come to an agreement on how to handle things, it is a recipe for frustration, anger, and stress.

As a financial coach, I see this often.

Two spouses who came into the marriage with their OWN tools, temperament, and techniques that worked for them as an individual but can’t figure out the why their spouse “doesn’t get it.”

By the time they come to me, it’s obvious both are frustrated beyond belief, and see no possible way to accomplish their dreams – regardless of if they have debt.

What to take away – your marriage is at the starting point of becoming unstoppable.

Why do I say this?

When each spouse acknowledges that what they are doing isn’t working, contacting a financial coach sends a strong message that I love you and want to learn how to financially win as a team.

In a session, I can clearly see how the message from one spouse is getting lost in the translation to the other.

Your spouse HEARS you; they don’t UNDERSTAND you.

After I coach each individual through the spouse’s POV, I see the lightbulb moment of THIS is what my spouse meant.  

Tears are flowing.

Apologies are being said.

Shocked expressions showing my spouse FINALLY gets it after years – or decades – of trying.

And a statement along the lines of “let’s make sure those kids are really asleep.” 

It’s the start of progress.

Along with some other cool things that you really should experience for yourself.

Looking for this takeaway in your marriage?  

I’d be honored to walk alongside you on this journey.  

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