COVID-19 Is Motivating Americans to Get a Will – Especially After Contracting COVID-19

This report from Gerry W. Beyer is not surprising. The COVID pandemic has motivated people to get their estates in order. This is especially true among younger people, who too often neglect to get a will. Good news!

In my years selling life insurance, I have found that many people postpone getting a policy, and doing estate planning, until they realize first-hand why they need to do so. Hopefully now more people will act before disaster strikes.

COVID-19 Is Motivating Americans to Get a Will – Especially After Contracting COVID-19 

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a wake-up call for many Americans, especially regarding end-of-life planning.

According to the survey question “Did your loved one have a will before dying of COVID-19?” only 22.6% responded with Yes, 17.6% responded that their loved one had a living trust, and 15.8% had a different estate planning document in place.

Now, nearly half of those who had a serious case of COVID-19 are much more likely to have a will than those who have not experienced the virus. This includes an increase with 18-34 year-olds, who have been motivated by the pandemic to take further steps to obtain estate planning documents.

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