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Debt is like weeds!

by Dee Zimmerman |

I have allergies.

With all the rain we’ve had in Colorado, the grass pollen is dancing for joy…but not me. Ah, and there’s ragweed season to look forward to in August! So I’ve got weeds on my mind. What about you? What weeds have the better of you?

Weeds are like debt.

Like weeds, debt can create all kinds of difficult symptoms in our lives. And it can choke out all the good things, including your dreams. I don’t want that for you! I don’t want those weeds to take over your life, either financially or emotionally. So let’s think about what we do when we have weeds in our garden.

Eradicate them!

Here are four important steps…

  1. Take inventory.
    First we need to assess the situation. Which kind of weeds are they? How many are there? How mature are they? Where do they show up the most? What are the conditions for their growth?
  2. Create a plan of attack.
    Knowing what we’ve learned from our inventory, what are the steps to take? What are the priorities? What tools will we need? How will we use those tools to make them work for us?
  3. Create a better environment.
    We probably need to change the conditions for weed growth so they don’t propagate and come back. We do this by improving communication (if doing this with someone else) and by addressing our spending and money management habits.
  4. Do it, and celebrate the growth!
    With a plan of attack, and efforts to create a better environment, you can eradicate those weeds. It will require a great deal of effort, but it’s important. And rewarding!

Most do better with a coach.

Debt eradication can be tough—knowing what to attack first, what to prioritize, and just how to go about it. Let’s get rid of those nasty things. Schedule a free session by clicking on the link below, and we’ll visit about your situation.

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As a financial coach, I know you want to feel your money working for you. You want your money world to be something positive in your life, and in the lives of those you love. In order for that to be a reality, you may need some help—sorting through the confusion, and coming up with a plan that really works. And you need some support along the way!