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Do You Agree With Miss USA About Rape?

As a life insurance broker I have encountered a number of women who were the unfortunate victims of sexual assault. Many found this to be an extremely difficult topic to discuss. Who can blame them? Can you think of a more terrifying form of violation?

I give them so much credit for being able to deal with it and move on. I would guess that for the vast majority of survivors, moving on is really an ongoing process. Then again, I know that many people do not move forward. They sadly remain trapped in the trauma. Some even deny it happened, and that seems to be an insidious type of trap.

Getting life insurance by and large is very possible, and at a reasonable rate. It all depends on psychological and physical health, life stability, medications, and the like. It can be done.

Making sure life insurance is obtainable is only one thing society should do for rape survivors. Preventing those crimes certainly should be a priority. Making sure men don’t act like monsters is essential.

And do you know what else is essential? Making sure women can fight back against men when they do act like monsters. Just ask Mia Sanchez, the new Miss USA. She has declared that women should learn self-defense to prevent being sexually assaulted.

As the article says, people with extreme feminist positions don’t agree with her. But they don’t get the point. Do you?