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A recent post on Quillete provides much-needed clarity on the current gender identity debacle. It is entitled, “No One is Born in the Wrong Body,” and is written by an endocrinologist, evolutionary biologist, and science writer.

Their bottom line: a person’s sexuality is a complex combination of personality characteristics and behaviors. Every person exhibits both masculine and feminine qualities. Some girls can be more masculine than most boys, and some boys can be more feminine than most girls.

And you know what? All of this is normal. Tragically, many parents, and other adults in the healthcare and medical fields don’t get this. They rush to judgment and claim that even very young children have an “innate gender identity.” They then subject these children to horrific medical and surgical interventions that could lead to permanent infertility.

All because they have a severely limited understanding of normal male and female behavior and preferences: 

“The fact is, no child is actually born in the wrong body. Adults should expand their understanding of what normal male and female behavior and preferences look like—which would lead them to appreciate that being male or female comes with a wider range of personalities preferences, and possibilities than old stereotypes would have us believe.”