By now you have heard that industry leader Always Sanitary Products is going to remove the feminine Venus symbol from its packaging.  This is a concession made to the demands of transgender activists:

“The decision follows questions raised by transgender customer Ben Saunders and other activists about the need to include the symbol on the products, a decision that they felt excluded transgender and non-binary customers who do not identity as women, but who also use the items.”

As can be expected, many women take great exception to this move:

“The decision has been a controversial one, however, with some users boycotting the brand amidst allegations of “female erasure”. “Women are quite literally being erased from sanitary products now,” wrote one user.” 

While many people are curious as to what use people who don’t menstruate can make of these products, I think that is besides the point. The major point is that a dominant company has decided to favor a small portion of its client base and potentially alienate many of its traditional consumers. These women identify as women and appreciate their femininity being recognized by the vendors they patronize. 

I am willing to bet that if a competitor of this industrial giant had the fortitude and foresight to promote femininity in its branding, they would capture a lot of the dissatisfied Always patrons.

The free market can promote inclusivity too!