Recently, a man named Rachel McKinnon, who identifies as a transgender woman, won the women’s world Masters Track Cycling World Championships sprint title for the second year in a row.

“The 37-year-old, competing in the female 35-39 sprint category, had set a new world best time in qualifying,” according to the BBC. “The Canadian beat American Dawn Orwick for the gold, with Denmark’s Kirsten Herup Sovang claiming the bronze.”

He is just one of many men who declare they are transgender, and are therefore being allowed to compete in women’s sports at many levels. Apparently, there are many directors and organizers of these competitions who prioritize trans inclusivity ahead of the pursuit of excellence and sportsmanship in women.

People who are disadvantaged by this crusade have choices. One is certainly to fight within the system to protect women’s interests. 

Another is to create your own events, leagues, and associations where are you have the control you need to preserve the integrity of the competition.

Of course, you’ll have to do this without government money and any other involvement by bureaucrats who cave in to extremist leftist activism. 

It would have to be independently funded, and most certainly independently run. Certainly a challenge. But wouldn’t it be worth it?