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Dream On

Here is an insight from world-renowned Mental Toughness expert Steve Siebold into future orientation: (1)

“Champions look toward the future. Pros habitually focus on the present while creating their ultimate vision for, and landscape of, the future. This future orientation allows them to dream of grand visions and unlimited possibilities.”

“The pros revere and respect the past, but place responsibility for the future squarely on their own shoulders. Taking responsibility for failures, successes and actions in general is a trait of world-class performers. The saying, ‘If it is to be, it is up to me,’ reflects their beliefs.”

“The great ones make their own circumstances and respond with a higher level of awareness to negative events in their lives. Their execution-based focus and future orientation keeps them on track. It all begins with taking full responsibility for their lives and their futures.”

We can see that people with a world-class belief system, who envision themselves as champions and capable of achieving great things in life, are forward-looking people. The big question for today is: how far into the future should we look?

Think about your family. How many generations after yourself can you contemplate? In the Bible, God reveals to the Patriarch Abraham that he will have progeny too numerous to count! At the very least, you can picture your grandchildren and even your great-grandchildren. What should your family name stand for in the next century?

What about your business? How many years have you spent making it successful? But should this really be only the beginning? For how many more years – decades, even – can you see it growing? How many generations of leaders – people whom you have mentored into carrying the torch of the corporate mission – will it take to keep your company playing a vital role in the economy?

Consider your favorite charities – religious, social, political. All the causes that you now support – all the ideals in which you believe with your heart and soul – what will the possibilities be for them coming to fruition in a world with an unknown future?

What insurance can you take out now to make sure all your dreams keep coming true, long after you are gone and no longer shepherding them along? You know the answer to that one: with the right life insurance plan, your successors can keep all your dreams alive.

(1) Steve Siebold, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class (United States: London House, 2010) p.53