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Face the Truth

Do you think anyone has an easy life?

The truth is that we all have struggles and obstacles to overcome.

Sometimes it may seem like your neighbors have it better… …After all, “the grass is always greener,” right?

But if you scratch a little deeper below the surface, you’ll find their lives are not perfect.

Everyone has problems to deal with, be they physical, emotional, or financial.

So if we all have to face hard challenges in life, then why do some people seem to have it easier?

It’s Your Attitude

According to Kendra Wright, the difference lies in your attitude.

We’ve all heard cliches like “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Sometimes it’s hard to take these ideas seriously, especially when the difficulties in your life keep stacking up one on top of the other. Yet it’s hard to deny that people stuck with certain self-defeating attitudes and preconceptions have a much harder time overcoming their challenges than people in the right “headspace.”

Kendra lists ten truths that she considers key to happiness in the face of difficulty. I recommend reading her post and consider the value in each and every truth she lists. Here is a knockout point she makes:

As you breathe right now, another person is taking their last breath.  They are praying for all the things you and I are taking for granted.  So don’t complain.  Be grateful for every experience, every challenge, and every surprise that you’re blessed with.

The Life You Want

Wouldn’t you like to live a life without regrets?

Wouldn’t it be great to have peace of mind in your final minute?

Don’t you want to be spared the realization that you were too cheap, or too selfish – and that you have no time left to make up for it?

Think about your final moment. What if you have spent your life being generous and giving as possible?

What if you have done everything you could have to take care of the people you love?

What if you have spent your money wisely and secured the interest of your family, and your business, and your heirs, and your favorite charities?

Do you think anybody really regrets having bought life insurance – especially when they understand just how short life is?